pickle11 (Stranger)
11-26-02 04:28
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correct me if im wrong.
1. tartaric acid can be isolated from cream of tartar.
2. tartaric acid can be reduced to succinic acid using I/H2S.
3. succinic acid can be neutralized with ammonium hydroxide and heated to form succinamide.
4. succinamide can be reacted ala ../rhodium/chemistry /nbs.html to yield n-bromosuccinamide
5. n-bromosuccinamide can be used ala ../rhodium/chemistry /ppa.synthesis.html to convert propenylbenzenes (asarone,anethole,isosafrole,isomyristicin,isoelemicin) into phenylpropanolamines
6. phenylpropanolamines can be reacted with cyanogen bromide to yield various ring substituted methylaminorex analogs. 
oxazolines i have known and loved.  I dont think any of them would be controlled substances or classified as analogs.
(Chief Bee)
11-26-02 05:28
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Yes, technically. But if you don't want to buy NBS, then please buy succinimide or at least succinic anhydride - those two are not watched the least. Aqueous bromine also does the same job as NBS, but not as cleanly (= lower yield). But a whole lot less work than your proposition, I promise.

Also, it is much easier to make aminorex analogs from PPAs using potassium cyanate than with cyanogen bromide - the former is non-toxic, the latter is a vile volatile poison.
11-26-02 05:48
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what about the bromohydrine in the ppa synth.  is that repaceable, available, easily synthesized?
(Chief Bee)
11-26-02 05:54
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As I said, you can make that with aqueous bromine instead of NBS - UTFSE here or at http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/search-bool.html
12-04-02 00:22
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I'm afraid I need more info. Searched a few key  words (or so i thought ) into TFSE and am at a loss.
Asarone-ppa ala aq Br !?! 
Any sugestions/hints/info/direction from any bee concerning this would be fab.

(Chief Bee)
12-04-02 11:30
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Search for "bromohydrin". Compounds with adjacent OH and Br groups are called that. Then you just select one of the preparations you find which doesn't use NBS.
01-17-03 19:56
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Could some bee help with a theoretical procedure for this. Ammonium hydroxide and heat? The idea of synthing a new compound (even if it is a questionable aminorex) is thrilling to say the least. Thanks for the spark pickle11.

Thanks beez,

BTW Rhodium: It aint much but its more than nothing. Its in the mail this weekend ($) Your efforts are truly priceless. Thanks!
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01-17-03 20:16
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oxazolamines I have known and loved sounds like an intersting sequel to the phenylethylamines, too bad no one has done any research on the pharmacology or chemistry of ring substituded phenyloxazolamines.
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01-18-03 12:34
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