12345x (Newbee)
11-27-02 03:21
No 383868
      quick HI     

now as some of you are getting hep
to what needs to bee done in the PIE "rp,iodine,ephed"
you are looking for a 57% HI solution with which
you will boil your phudo and when time becomnes
a factor will add iodine tand set your finish time.

but for some large amounts of iodine is a hassal
to come by.

there are other ways to make perfectly usable HI solutions
remember in water HI is just H+ ions and I- ions

start with some pool acid full strengh "this supplys the H+"

then bring to boil and add untill saturated
some potassium iodide "KI" "this supplys the I- ions"

then let cool.

then decant the liquid discarding the salts that formed
while cooling.."this removes some K+ and CL- ions"

now repeat this 3 times."this increases the I- to CL- ratio"

ie warm.....
 saturate with ki....
 let cool......

after your final one.
 warm and saturate with ki
"leaving some undesolved KI even when boiling
wont hurt one bit "

then use as you would if you had 57% HI in water.

it works just as good.
 as if you had made HI with 46ml water
some rp and 57 gms iodine.
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11-27-02 03:50
No 383872
      Very interesting     

Very interesting. Are you saying that r/p is used with this or not.

Who sayed that
(Hive Addict)
11-27-02 05:21
No 383879

So 12345x are you saying that this resulting HI solution is comparable to the HI produced via Argox's write-up Post 271993 (Argox: "Hydriodic Acid--Step by Step Write-Up", Stimulants) with H3PO4 and KI?

Also that this HI solution prepared with HCL and KI can theoretically be employed in "Procedure one" of WizardX's write-up, found here? 

../rhodium/chemistry /meth.hi-p.html

What would be the proper molar ratio of HCL to KI? Or is this irrelevant and just an issue of simple saturation and filtering of the potassium chloride salt?
10-26-03 01:28
No 466823

Has anybee out there tried this.  SWIWs is willing to investigate and report unless someone knows first hand it is pointless.  WHen SWIWs bakes a PIE, SWIWs' first step w/the rp of the wooden boxes is to hit'm hard and short with muratic in a small portion. Then iso boils to remove the acid and glues that may have followed....blah blah, anyway SWIWs always has this gut feelin that SWIWs is throwing out good ruducing "sauce", minus the glues and coloring. With these particular mathces and the acid there is a bubbling reaction and the rp falls off, then when h20 is added for a rinse to get the remaining rp on the strikers before the iso, the smoke/steam and heat begin. Gas evolves and temp jumps up. Never to hot to handle but still.  Skimming over the hypo rxns SWIWs recalls similar rxn when hypo hits h2o.  SWIWs is sure SWIWs is probly just way off here but ya never know...Back to the point..Does any bee have any input/flames regaurding the original post here?
(Hive Bee)
10-26-03 01:45
No 466826
      I think that Ben and Scott for scrutinizing...     

I think that Ben and Scott are scrutinizing him, and for good reason, he offers nothing but a theroetical suggestion and no real hard evidence that HI is being formed other than saying that if you mix the H from HCL and the I from KI you get HI, and why go on what he says alone when it is agreed amongst most that Argox's write up is the best and equally as simple, well not as simple as mix-boil-filter rinse and repeat, but at least you know that if you use Argox's write up for a guideline that it is backed up by many and is backed up by scientific patents and so forth, plus there is alot of information to use like how to test the purity of your HI in a simple fashion, and so on and so forth, phosphoric acid is just as easy to get in equal concentrations although I haven't found the elusive 75%, the 25% is very easy to get.

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10-26-03 02:00
No 466830
      Hopefully not Swim's last reply?     


Can the concentration of phosphoric acid bee increased by simple evaporation?

Or is distillation mandatory in the case of the 25% "Ph down" hydroponic solution?

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10-26-03 06:30
No 466854
      That explains     

That explains why there were only 3 posts.  Have added ph down to PIE cooks instead of h20 with excelent results, don't expect a punch baloon to contain the gas though, even atop a condencer...ran a 10 gram nano this way...2 hrs in she began to leak then slowly as the reaction cooled to change out for a push/pull tank, the baloon pretty much turned to goo...have also ran modified versions of the ph down(concentrated), NaI,P,I,psudo.  Will have to go over notes and put together for a post..also have pics but to chicken shit to show them.

Oh well, thought it would be nice to have another possible trail to grandma's house.  With the luck SWIWs has had w/experiments lately, figured why stop now!cool
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10-26-03 07:47
No 466862
      Scotty.... "Determine the concentration...     


"Determine the concentration of H3PO4 by boiling it. Below is a chart of boiling points for different concentrations of H3PO4. You want yours to boil at 135. That will indicate 75% acid. If your sample boils at a lesser temperature, don't despair, boil all your acid until it reaches 135 (and then make sure to get 75% next time). You can boil phosphoric acid in an open beaker on the hot plate. The fumes are non-toxic and non-corrosive--they smell like Sprite"

He says this won't work for the HI concentration and that you have to re-distill it, this could be because of the rate of degradation or it could just be a saftey measure, either way simple distillation is reccomended unlike in the original poster's method.

--Word on the street is, You Reap What You Sow
10-27-03 08:51
No 467032
      Doesnt that equalibrium jive get in the way of     

Doesnt that equalibrium jive get in the way of this being
an efficient working route to a usable HI solution.

C`mon now,I studied long and hard,now you telling me its as simple as 12345?????

No matter, I felt like shiting in everyones thread tonight.
You know how it goes.

Love ya work MrX

Long time fan.wink