siloxane (Stranger)
11-27-02 17:24
No 384063
      Camsoft ChemOffice Ultra warez  Bookmark   

I'm sure some of you will be interested in this.
I just installed it and I must say "It's a nice peice of software".

If the link goes down or something let me know and I can arrange to put the files up somewhere.
And if someone has trouble installing it, it will be my pleasure to help.
(Hive Bee)
11-27-02 17:47
No 384074
      Well  Bookmark   

Thank you so much... I was looking for this type of applications for a long time, my friends couldn't get them since I didn't knew of any.. I just found out that the cracker of Fatigue downloaded the trial and cracked it at:

Setup file:

Help-File, recomended 985 pages (!) PDF:

So you can also do that instead of bothering downloading their lamely packed release, with errorous release date and unacing and unzipping...

Installation info from Fatigue:

Use this serial/cdkey combo



By the way this thread should be moved elsewhere...

"Turn on, Tune in and Drop Out"
11-27-02 19:44
No 384129
      Ok after playing around with the software I ...  Bookmark   

Ok after playing around with the software I realize that a bunch of stuff is missing.

BioAssay Pro 7.0
The Merck Index 13th Electronic Edition
ChemACX & ChemACX-SC 7.0
Polymer Draw
and a couple others.
All I have is Enotebook, Chemdraw, chemfinder, chem3dultra and chemfinder for word.
Whats the deal.
Like pHarmacist said, If Fatigue downloaded the trial and cracked it, it probably never had all the programs.
EX: Merk Index. I doubt cracking it will make the database appear.
Fuck. I was all happy to have the full version. But I guess not.
Ah Well.........Sorry guys
(Hive Bee)
11-27-02 19:54
No 384132
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Their release should get nuked, it's very lame. They didn't even looked at the actual features. Instead their cracker copied the info directly from cambridgesoft's webpage and provided end-users with a cripple-ware with missing features. The original exe was repacked and the name of it changed, bad, sad. But, hey, what else can we expect from a lame group, right...

I was relly hoping for the full-version.. some other time maybe, by some other group. CORE, where da fuck are you!?

"Turn on, Tune in and Drop Out"
11-27-02 21:12
No 384155
      I should of read the thread "The Merck Index...  Bookmark   

I should of read the thread "The Merck Index...Warez'd" all the way to the end.
Post 302187 (Elementary: "No merck index included", Serious Chemistry)
Seems like this is an old discovery.
That's what I wanted the most too. 3 Weeks ago a power surge killed my hole PC and all my chem software (including the mereck index downloaded from that thread when it just opened)as well as important school work. If anyone still has it and is willing to share it with me..............well.........I would be very happy and greatfull.

Like you said it pHarm, FATIGUE are fucking lamers