majic22 (Hive Bee)
11-28-02 05:41
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      correct pronunciation of chemical names.........  Bookmark   

I believe, when you are ordering chemicals, it is vital that you be able to pronounce the name of it correctly......which brings us to this question....Does anybee know a website or somewhere where one could find out how the names are pronounced.  for example....something similar to what you would see in a dictionary entry.

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11-28-02 14:52
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      well actually it is quite easy  Bookmark   

go to

type in +pronunciation +aryl

or whatever other chemical name/name fragement you are interested in.

difficult huh!
11-29-02 09:23
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      what exactly are you trying to pronounced?  Bookmark   

what exactly are you trying to pronounced?
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11-29-02 23:54
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      umm..  Bookmark   

did you really search...well didja??
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