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11-29-02 05:09
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  Out of all the phenylcyclohexylamine patents I've read, they only use two methods to create cyclohexylideneamine Schiff bases; Distilling off the water from amine/cyclohexanone which is in a solvent with or without the aid of p-tosic acid, or letting the amine/cyclohexanone sit with Na or K hydroxide. Examples are in GB861350, GB836083, US3145229, GB837747, etc.. My question is why don't I ever read about anhydrous Mg-sulfate being used to produce cyclohexylideneamines? Are the yields somehow not as good, is a hydroxide cheaper, or is Mg-sulfate not as fast at absorbing water? Refluxing the shit out of cyclohexanone/amine for several hours is a pain in the ass. The hydroxide method is cool, but wouldn't it be nice if evil chemists didn't have to fart around with the caustic component - and that's why I brought up the idea of Mg-sulfate. Has anyone come across methods unlike the ones I mentioned?

  Btw, does anyone know anything about the pharmacology of BENZYL-cyclohexylamines. Have compounds like this been tested in animals/humans? I'm asking because it's easier to make a Grignard from benzyl chloride than it is with bromobenzene.

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11-29-02 06:39
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MgSO4 is not an especially strong dehydrating agent, it only has a high capacity (it can absorb its own weight in water). The dehydrating efficiency goes down with temperature too, so at the high temps promoting imine formation at the same time inhibits water uptake by the MgSO4.

NaOH/KOH on the other hand absorbs water strongly exothermic, and thus hold on to the water very strongly.
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11-29-02 14:47
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  Thanks for explaining. Btw, those were some nice articles you put on your site on the 28th. Peace!cool

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