tinkertoter (Stranger)
12-01-02 07:35
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      HPLC chromo/UV spectra's anywhere?  Bookmark   

heya folks,
  well ms. tinker is back and was rootin around the archived msgs. You see, she is trying to find if anyone anywhere has any chromatographs from a HPLC (and parameters used to run it), or a UV spectrum of MDMA. She'd like to identify through either way, yes, she knows those aren't the best ways to verify MDMA, she certainly doesn't need a lesson, but she doesn't have access to her LC/MS during her "own time". So, any bees out have any spectra kicking around, or could forward me their data verbally... HPLC data perhaps, Rt, column type, solvent used, pressures, etc, so she'd have some idea where to start for that. Thanx.
(Chief Bee)
12-02-02 00:37
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      There might be something useful in http://www.  Bookmark   

There might be something useful in ../rhodium/pdf /mdma.byproducts.pdf
12-02-02 19:38
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      perfect, tinker was searching for a paper like ...  Bookmark   

perfect, tinker was searching for a paper like this the other day and she could'nt find one. this is great stuff. thanks a bunch. tinker has decided not having a wide range of spectras easily available is silly, so she's gonna throw some stuff together.