PolytheneSam (Master Searcher)
12-01-02 20:04
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      What are these mushrooms?  Bookmark   

I keep finding them everywhere.

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12-01-02 21:32
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      Well, they're most probably not psylocybe's -no ...  Bookmark   

Well, they're most probably not psylocybe's -no bruising after swiy pinched them means no favorable alkaloids oxidising.

It can bee very difficult to ID mushrooms without a good look at their spores.  Youd need to take a print, as well as look at the spores under a microscope along with a good field guide to get a reasonable awnser.  Of course swiy knows not to put any foreighn objects in his mouth unless they are posativly identified...  Specially with mushrooms found in the wild, and even IF they where identified by someone in the know, it is always strongly reccomended to load up on milk thistle before ingestion to protect that liver of yours that you've been beating on for the past number of yearstongue.

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12-01-02 22:10
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      Not psilocybe.  Bookmark   

Well, they're most probably not psylocybe's -no bruising after swiy pinched them
Also the spores appear to be brown not the purple/black of psilocybe.

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(Hive Bee)
12-01-02 22:44
No 385241
      Did anyone hear..  Bookmark   

I was watching Headline news yesterday and on the bottom of the screen, in text, it said some russian soldiers killed other russian soldiers for consuming psychadelic mushrooms! I then went to cnn's site where I found no other info on it, or even a Russian CNN section!! How the fuck do these news stations tease you with some shit that makes you wanna get up and go check their web site, then have nothing about it there either!!!

Can someone verify this from Russia? Dovaltov or someone? If this really happened.. well, it's fucked up.
12-02-02 02:54
No 385288
      This mushroom-theory most likely was brought up ...  Bookmark   

This mushroom-theory most likely was brought up to conceal the real reason. Freshmen humiliation by elder soldiers is very common in Russian army, but nobody wants to be resposbile.
(Hive Addict)
12-02-02 23:10
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      shrooms  Bookmark   

how tall are they?  how wide are the caps?  thickness of stem?  what were they growing on?  any other shrooms in the area?  what color was the spore print? 
(Bear With Me)
12-02-02 23:52
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      Hey  Bookmark   

I've seen and sampled those shrooms before; we call them Psylocybe Noticus.



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12-03-02 23:43
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      A ? 4 PoohBearium.  Bookmark   

So did you trip or not, and if so, was it a mellow mushroom trip or a mushroom deliriant trip?

Liberty Caps look kinda like those pictures, but I'm no mycologist, and I don't claim to be at this time, either.
I did once notice purple bruises on some white shrooms that I ate once and tripped well enough from.

I do also know, however, that a girl in SC had to have a liver transplant a few days after eating some Angel Death 'shrooms.

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(Old P2P Cook)
12-04-02 03:44
No 385994
      Talking shit.  Bookmark   

So did you trip or not, and if so, was it a mellow mushroom trip or a mushroom deliriant trip?
Nah, that was just irresponsible BS.

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12-04-02 07:11
No 386064
      amANITa  Bookmark   

theres few things more insdious than the death caused by ingesting the amanita phalloides, or the desroying angel. it can take up to a week for your liver to cease function, and by then its already too late. So if you eat something bad, realize that just because you dont get sick immediately doesnt mean that you wont eventually die.
(Hive Bee)
12-04-02 11:05
No 386131
      not liberty caps  Bookmark   

liberty caps look nothing like the pictures above (unless there is a regional difference in naming which I don't think there is). Here is a picture:

12-04-02 17:21
No 386213
      This fungus on the picture is Marasmius Oreades, ...  Bookmark   

This fungus on the picture is Marasmius Oreades, look at any field manual (not psychoactive but good for making a meal). If it has a hard to brek leg and grows in rings, if not ,is some other Marasmius spp.

I know fungus (not just pans and psilocybes) ask me cool
(Hive Bee)
12-05-02 10:57
No 386472
      i wouldn't eat it  Bookmark   

as the pics look a bit different to other pics of marasmius oreades:


I don't know enough to say what it is though (maybe you are right in saying it is another Marasmus but I would'nt like to eat something until I'd positively identified it).
12-05-02 12:13
No 386476
      Identification  Bookmark   

Star, it is very hard to identify fungus from picture only, but I am still prety sure that on picture is Mar. O. .Pics on Google are from representative fungi (school example), but in nature morfology, color vary...(time , place of growth).
To bee sure you can us good old chemistry for identification:
-tisue with phenol becomes deep brown
-with fenol-aniline it becomes red
-with sulfovaniline becomes red-violet (for short time)
Still I could bee mistaken!
(Hive Bee)
12-05-02 16:15
No 386514
      yeah, i'm sure you're right  Bookmark   

but i wouldn't eat them unless i was sure. and to be sure they have to look closer than that for me.

the other identification techniques that you mention sound interesting. Could also look at spores under microscope I suppose.
12-05-02 17:15
No 386523
      Yes, microscope analisys is even more reliable ...  Bookmark   

Yes, microscope analisys is even more reliable then chem. reactions. You can microscope spores, basidium(ascus), mycelium...
And about eating, be sure NOT to eat unidentified spp. of Amanita, Clitocibe, Inocybe, Coertinarius, Gyromitria... genus. And genus, let say Pans, Marasmis, Agaricus are not so dangerous. Even if you eat "poisonous" spp. from this genuses you can not get seriously hurt.
01-17-03 00:31
No 398855
      cnn crap  Bookmark   

Yellow journalism or what? don't watch that propaganda it will kill your brain cells
01-19-03 02:12
No 399535
      looks like a galneria species  Bookmark   

looks like a - galneria species cause they were growin in grass??      looks like it hey dont eat and if someone of these fuckers say eat dont listen unless you want sever liver damage or death .... if those arnt turnin blue  toss em      trust me i know

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01-19-03 02:21
No 399541
      I wasn't planning on eating any of them.  Bookmark   

I wasn't planning on eating any of them.  I was just wondering what they were.  I think I saw some red fly agaric (or something that looks a lot like it) one time, too.  I never tried them, though.

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(Hive Bee)
01-19-03 22:28
No 399750
      Galerina  Bookmark   

Did you mean galerina spp., I never heard of genus you mentioned!
And this is not Galerina!
(Hive Bee)
01-19-03 22:34
No 399751
      Blue  Bookmark   

Do you maybe know that MANY Boletus spp., Inocibe spp. turn blue when you touch them. Blueing is definetly not reliable test for ident. psilocybes.
01-19-03 23:14
No 399762
      My test...  Bookmark   

This is my simple test, usually performed on purchased fungi, rather than wild gathered variety.  First, does it have a tannish-brown to light orange cap?  Second, does it bruise blue?  Third, check the spore print color.  Should be a nice purple-black.  As far as I know, only fun-poison containing fungi (specifically psylocybe) carry all three of these characteristics.  If someone knows better, please feel free to enlighten me however.

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01-20-03 05:12
No 399810
      sorry  Bookmark   

sorry about spellin but i cant spell /....and yes blue is reliable if they fit the psilo key and to me the fungus is very close to that key and no im sure it isnt a bolote i dont see pores

if they fit the psilo key and dont turn blue toss em
(Hive Bee)
01-20-03 22:36
No 399974
      What can this bee  Bookmark   

Boletus was only example, here you can find litle shroom (3-5 cm) that grows in grass, has a ring, is yellow-brown colored, has dark spores and turns blue where you cut it. Only obvious diference from Psilo. is cap form, that is Hygrocybe shaped.
I can not identifye it, not even genus. Any sugestions?