moco (Stranger)
12-03-02 05:53
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1st.Is porcelain buchner funnel resistant to most chemicals? Any negatives for using this piece?

2nd. Is a "Colfinger" reflux condensor pretty much the same as the "Coiled?" Can either be used for a reaction similar to MM al/hg? What is the Difference?

(Chief Bee)
12-03-02 07:20
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1) It will stand up to anything you would want to work with without a full body suit.

2) A coldfinger condenser has a much smaller cooling surface area exposed to the rising solvent vapors than a coil condenser having the same diameter and length. As far as I know, cold-finger condensers are mainly used for sublimation ("dry distillation"), and in some instances where you have another cooling fluid than water in the condenser, which is kept at sub-zero temperatures obviating the need for a large surface area, as the temperature difference is substantial.

I wouldn't reccommend using anything less than a coil condenser for Nitromethane Al/Hg reductions, as they are so intensely exothermic and really need all the cooling capacity you can afford.
12-03-02 19:12
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      Mr. R, You are the Man! and FUNNY ;-) ?  Bookmark   

Mr. R,

You are the Man! and FUNNY  wink?Thanks a bundle for your quick  and helpful response.