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12-03-02 21:20
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Is 4-fluoroamphetamine smoke-able???
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12-03-02 21:35
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why not?

Hardcore libertarians consider the idea of a Libertarian Party dangerously socialist.
12-10-02 09:21
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4-fluoroamphetamine should NOT have any MDMA like effects(as some report), but should strongly resemble amphetamine.

I just looked over a study (Marona-Lewicka D, Rhee GS, Sprague JE, Nichols DE. Psychostimulant-like effects of p-fluoroamphetamine in the rat. Eur J Pharmacol. 1995 Dec 12;287(2):105-13.) -- Sprague and Nichols do the COOLEST research, and it seems that 4-FA is most similar to straight up amphetamine, and does not share many similarities (at least in rats) with MDMA and other drugs (MMAI, etc) that act on serotonin. Other research I looked at confirmed this idea -- 4-FA appears to have virtually no effects on serotonin (less even than amphetamine).

4-FA had more more potent but less selective dopaminergic effects than d-amphetamine.

Fluorination of amphetamine also causes the drug to be eliminated from the brain more quickly. So, the effects won't last as long as amphetamine's (this could be a good thing).
12-19-02 22:00
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What about p-(chloro, bromo, iodo)amphetamine. Is there anything in literature about these compounds (I havent found anything about pharmacology) . Can they be toxic ?

...hmmmmm too many questions
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12-19-02 22:43
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They are very toxic serotonergic neurotoxins, utfse.