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12-04-02 00:23
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  What's up folks?! I've read quite a bit on rendering p-tosic acid monohydrate anhydrous by refluxing it with benzene or toluene, but I'd like to hear about bees personal experience with this procedure. First of all, I'd be working with the lab grade monohydrate(not home-made), so the worry about impurities is eliminated. Second, I don't have the equipment for anything that involves a vacuum, just normal pressure.. Should the refluxing be done on a hotplate/stove-top, or would this cause dis-coloration of the solution over time? Or, is it recommended that this be done in an oil bath? How long was it refluxed before you obtained an anhydrous product? Are there any little things that I should know about. Even if you've worked with benzenesulfonic, I'd still like to hear about it. Thanks and peace!cool

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