daxium (Stranger)
12-04-02 01:15
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      how would i remove methadone hcl  Bookmark   

i have bottles of methadone hcl dissolved in orange juice and the problem is with removing the sugar| would i be able to extract the methadone hcl by turning it into a freebase and extracyting with chloroform??? would this work? what would you guy's suggest to remove the pure methadone from the solution?crazy
(Bear With Me)
12-04-02 02:55
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      Hold up  Bookmark   

The real question is why you would have methadone dissolved in OJ to begin with.



Cocaine isn't habit forming. I should know - I've been using it for years.

Tallulah Bankhead
12-04-02 03:47
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      no it isn't  Bookmark   

i bought some of it for personal use and now want to get the pure methadone out of the solution
12-04-02 16:56
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      Where the hell have you bought methadone in OJ, ...  Bookmark   

Where the hell have you bought methadone in OJ, my friend is on detox and his doc mix methadone with juice so friend could not sell it.
Man, drink the fucken juice and do not even try to separate amidone from it. Bee resonable
12-05-02 00:22
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      this is a chmistry forum!!!  Bookmark   

if you don't know the answer then just say so but this is a chemistry forum and if you wanna bitch start a new thread somewhere in the couch because this is not the place i am looking for knowledge not opinionsmad
(Hive Bee)
12-05-02 01:12
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      This is what I would do: * I guess the methadone ...  Bookmark   

This is what I would do:

* I guess the methadone hydrochloride concentration in that orange juice solution is pretty low.  Hence, the first thing to do is to evaporate most of the solvent in order to obtain a more concentrated solution.

* Then add an excess of 20 % NaOH (aq.) to the orange juice.  Don't drink this stuff, you will be sorry smile.

* Now, extract the liberated free base with ether.  Repeat this step several times.  Dry the combined extracts over MgSO4 & filter of the MgSO4.  Take the filtrate & pass a steam of HCl (g) through it.  I think the crude methadone HCl will fall out of the solution (place the flask in the fridge).  Collect the crystalls by filtration (if you don't obtain crystalls, just evaporate the ether).

* Recrystallize the methadone HCl in ethanol.

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Take care, dear friends.
Cyrax out //
12-05-02 02:26
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      it's 100mg meth per 100ml of orange juice  Bookmark   

the bottles are 100mls big and they have exactly 100 mgs of methadone per bottle i have only ammonium hydroxide would this work for liberating the freebase? also i have chloroform would this work instead of eather for the extraction 
p.s. i cannot get to any patents to look this up crazy
so please help me!!!
12-05-02 12:20
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      Any strong base will liberate amidone freebase ...  Bookmark   

Any strong base will liberate amidone freebase from its salt. And man dont get upset, I would drink it, the only thing you can do with pure amidone is to take it IV, by injection, and you never know how clean it is.
I am thinking on your health
12-05-02 12:54
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      ...and i almost forget filter the O.J.  Bookmark   

...and i almost forget filter the O.J. before evaporating water it will help.
p.s. you can buy lye (NaOH) everywhere it is used for: drain cleaning, making soap, basifying ...
12-10-02 03:13
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      i know you can but how pure is that  Bookmark   

i am going to be using this for injection so it need to be very pure and will chloroform work? is starting fluid the correct ether that i would use because i could obtain a few aresol cans of this to get ether from if chloroform is not good enough
(Chief Bee)
12-10-02 04:31
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      Please don't use anything extracted from orange ...  Bookmark   

Please don't use anything extracted from orange juice for injection. I really mean it. And starter fluid is si impure that you can designate it directly toxic.
(Hive Addict)
12-10-02 10:06
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      Re: p.s. i cannot get to any patents to look this ...  Bookmark   

p.s. i cannot get to any patents to look this up

I don't think there have been any patents written on extracting methadone from orange juice.smile

I agree with Rhodium, this all sounds very unsafe.

The above post is purely fictional. Any resemblance to "real-life" is purely coincidental.
12-10-02 20:53
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      You can see if your amidone is pure by developing ...  Bookmark   

You can see if your amidone is pure by developing sample on TLC plate, but for that jou will NEED some READING and equipment.
My advice is: Drink that Juice
12-10-02 23:58
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      alright i'll explain myself a bit  Bookmark   

i was previously on a prescription of methadone hcl that was in liquid form meant for injection it was in a concentration of 50 mgs of methadone hcl per cc of saline
hence one shot or syringe full was 50 mgs of methadone this was my favorite drug its better that heroin but i was on it from extreme pain and when i healed the doctor rapidly detoxed me so that i would not be on anything but a small dose of morphine sulphate 30 mgs sustained release once per day i no longer take the morphine and since i have the methadone that i can get very cheap i want to make a solution that would be the same stregnth i have looked at the patents to make methadone (which i was refering to i mean why would somone patent extracting methadone from orange juice) to determine how they purified the methadone once it was synthisised and like i thought it is an acid base extraction but i do not have the exact stuff stated in the patent i have chloroform no ether will chloroform work for extracting the freebase??? i've asked this many times already and have yet to get an answer, i have shot the orange juice itself so i belive that this would be much healthier rthan that!! no offence Rhodium but i want to shoot it, methadone hcl iv is so good!!! it has to be safer than shooting ms contin pills with the wax abd everything. i won't use the starting fluid since you refer to it as very toxic but i need a solvent then and i only have chloroform will this work? after extracting the methadone and turning it back into a hcl salt why would it not be safe? i've shot the codiene that i've extracted from tylenol 3's this way (i know very unsafe to shoot codiene) so can you please tell me will chloroform work to extract the freebase? and i suppose that i already have the answer to if ammonium hydroxide will liberate the freebase so THANKS!!! at least somone is offering me knowledge and not opinions!wink
12-11-02 00:00
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      thanks Cyrax  Bookmark   

thanks for the information Cyrax, very helpfull!smile
12-11-02 23:36
      will chloroform work to extract the methadone f/b
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