homeslice (Stranger)
12-07-02 21:31
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      Dichloromethane OTC?  Bookmark   

I read a post that i found on the search engine about plastic/fiberglass shops selling DCM as a glue in 1 gallon sizes. It says to ask for methylene chloride.

Can someone hopefully verify this or is it not true?
12-07-02 22:34
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      How do you mean they are selling DCM as a glue, ...  Bookmark   

How do you mean they are selling DCM as a glue, anyway I buy it in chem. textile cleaner.
12-07-02 23:21
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Its an old post but i was just wondering if anyone out there purchased DCM OTC?
Should i just buy the DCM from a supplier?
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12-07-02 23:48
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diclhlormethane is the same as methylene chloride.
12-07-02 23:53
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      i know  Bookmark   

I know methylene chloride is DCM but what im asking is if DCM is available OTC at some hardware/paint shop under a different name.
(Hive Bee)
12-07-02 23:56
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>>is if DCM is available OTC at some hardware/paint shop under a different name.

Not that I know of, unless you want to distill it.
12-08-02 00:02
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      ok  Bookmark   

Then should i just straight up order it? Is that what everyone else does or do they distill it?
What would you guys recommend?
(Hive Addict)
12-08-02 00:25
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      DCM is used to bond plexiglass together because ...  Bookmark   

DCM is used to bond plexiglass together because it dissolves the plexiglass, and lets it flow together to form one (more or less) piece of plexi.  Just go ask the nearest hardware store employee for some methylene chloride.

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12-08-02 00:41
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      There are 2 kinds of paint removing products: one ...  Bookmark   

There are 2 kinds of paint removing products: one with sodium hidroxide, and the other with DCM (aka methilene chloride) + methanol. I never tried it since you can purchase DCM from any chem supplier with somewhat like 10-20 $ 1 liter lab grade stuff, unwatched like chloroform, but if you add water you should separate DCM (water unsoluble) from MeOH. I think this is the easiest way to get that stuff, apart from buying lab grade.
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12-08-02 02:53
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      Methylene chloride  Bookmark   

Go back to the search engine! Do you think that the world's best plexiglass bonder is going to be put out of use within a year or two?

I quote, from the search engine:

My god. Walk into a fucking window shop and ask for a 4L tin of methylene chloride. They will not ask what you want it for, but if they do, say you work with plexiglas or need it to remove paint.

This quote is from a post I made recently, Post 378034 (Chromic: "Window shop", Newbee Forum).

... am I too abrasive when I say that? smile
(Hive Bee)
12-08-02 03:09
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      Methylend Chloride OTC....YES!!  Bookmark   

1) Go to your local hardware store
2) Buy a paint stripper which contains methylene chloride
3) Distill the contents of the paint stripper on a H2O bath ~60C.
4) Place distilled stuff in a sep. funnel and add 2x the volume with H2O. The stuff that falls out of the bottom is DCM.

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12-08-02 05:46
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      100% dcm can be bought otc.  Bookmark   

100% dcm can be bought otc. A certain company carries a product that is in fact 100% dcm. It's all here in the search engine. price is 20 dollars for 16oz.

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12-09-02 06:58
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      from stripper  Bookmark   

Pull up msds sheets on brands of stripper available in your area. Google brand + msds. I found a gel stripper that is 83 percent dcm.

Msds searches are very useful for both hazards and for multi ingrediant products to find out what percentages of what are actually in the product.

Not a chemist I just follow directions on the box mix
12-11-02 07:21
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      hey now,  Bookmark   

Do some homework here bee.I would take that stripper, get the small can.take your stillhead into the top with the help of some teflon piping your condenser to this.also plug the top of your stillhead with a stopper,temperature is your vac adapter into a large beaker with some ice in it.this creates a water layer on top to keep fumes from escaping as may have to dump out the water layer from time to time,and add ice.very simple,and the can is left with your gunky stuff for east disposal!wink

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12-20-02 16:55
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      $20 for 16oz what a rip off.  Bookmark   

$20 for 16oz what a rip off. A mate can't give specific sources for security reasons but will answer your resources with questions instead. You guys are smart enough to get this >
Where would you look when obtaining Dioxygen?
On the shelves what would be a good crack/leak finding solvent in an approximately 430g spray can.
One can contains methylene chloride/propane (includes CAS)
the other contains methylene chloride/CO2   (includes CAS)

Density was checked and parred at 1.304 to 1.315 on a 0.1 scale.

Get the C02 combo can. Its cheaper and its fun to see carbonated DCM fizzle too. Runs about $17/liter with tax.
12-21-02 21:17
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fuck it..where i live all halogenated solvents are restricted, and (believe me) hard to get. i fuckin' hate this damn country.

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12-31-02 04:56
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      home base hook up  Bookmark   

Heres a tip...starts with JAS- is an adhesive remover. Watch your distillation. Clean with water. Gallon is like $8

(Hive Bee)
01-13-03 04:02
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      Loctite  Bookmark   

Try also Loctite equipment flushing solvent.  It comes in a can, just DCM and a propellant, pretty good deal and works in a pinch.

01-13-03 06:16
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      heavy duty superstrip  Bookmark   

Look around, same use as JAS-, but less other stuffs.  It contains only Toulene, Methanol, and Methylene Chloride (DCM).  I havent actually tried distilling it, anyone know if methanol and DCM form an azeotrope?  The boiling points of these substances are ~25C or greater apart...if no azeotrope, easily done, and a gallon at orange-roof runs about $12 around here.

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01-13-03 19:24
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Oh yes indeed.ITs just fine.Nothing TFSE couldnt fix.But ill bee nice today.Take the fucking can fit it with a tube leading out into a beaker with ice in it.Put can in water bath.The ice creates a water layer pulling out you MeOH,and keeping your DCM from evaporating.Reduces your fumes.And your gunk stays in the can.Easy as 1,2,3.tongue

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01-14-03 04:12
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      Or just buy it pure, all day long, no ...  Bookmark   

Or just buy it pure, all day long, no questions asked, from several on-line pyrotechnic supply companies.
02-11-03 00:09
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      DCM OTC ? YES!!  Bookmark   

Forget JAS** and paint strippers and all that other "must distill crap". DCM is as available to get as gasoline. I know I can't say exactly where to procure such an item, so i'll break it down instead. DCM is used in vinyl (flooring) installation as a seam sealer remover (glue remover). It is 100% or so pure, no toluene or other substances, only DCM, completely OTC. Its no secret where to find it, think of where you would go as a flooring installer to find a wholesale product, hint, some companies have accounts with such places, hint, they are usually located around industrial areas. Good luck, you won't need much though, its easier to get than you think.
06-01-03 11:41
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      Never tried this before, but it sounds fun...  Bookmark   

Never tried this before, but it sounds fun anyway, since you should have some sort of distillation setup anyway: i remember reading somewhere in rhodium that MeCl is used as a denaturant in OTC MeOH. Why not just get the alcohol, distill off the MeCl (and whatever other buzzard ya got in there), then dry the leftover MeOH with CaCl. Now you got MeCl and anhydrous MeOH all in one whack, right? Probably wrong, but sounds funsmile

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06-02-03 01:53
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      methyl chloride in methanol  Bookmark   

MeCl = Methyl chloride is a gas. Where did you read that was a denaturant in ?methanol?...
06-02-03 11:04
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      Sorry, i meant methylene Chloride....bad ...  Bookmark   

Sorry, i meant methylene Chloride....bad shorthand. Anyway, i think i was mistaken in the first place. I was thinking TCBOE CH3:

      Methylene Chloride[75-09-2]
Methylene chloride is the main component of paint strippers. These strippers also contains a reasonable amount of methanol that can be saved. They caome as a gelatinous substances because of a thickening agent present. If one distills the stripper, methylene chloride will be the first component to distill over, followed by methanol. The remaining residue is the thickening agent which will cling to the glassware. The thickener left can be scraped out with a coat hanger (methylene chloride bp 40C/ methanol bp 65C)

Still, same idea right? buy stripper, distill, distill, dry, 2 birds one stone?

anything worth doin...dammit, its worth doin right
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06-02-03 12:27
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      Use a rectifing(or fractionating,whatever you...  Bookmark   

Use a rectifing(or fractionating,whatever you call it) column and you'll get away with one destillation.Heat so that vapours at the top of the columnn don't exceed 41 C and you'll get reasonably pure DCM.It's a bit cloudy at first but upon standing in closed container will turn crystal clear in few days,cause of cloudiness unknown.

For those about to synth,we salute you