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12-10-02 19:31
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Don't buy the biggest one you can afford!  I know that's the advice that is most commonly given, but I don't recommend it for the small-timer.  Why?  Well, swim bought a 12x12 magnetic stirrer to use with his heating mantles.  It is a cimarec 3, cost him almost $400.  Now, think about it.  Visualize.  The stirrer has a hole for a rod in the left corner.  It is a long ways from the rod to the center of the plate.  It took two returned orders to get clamps long enough to reach, and even then the largest ones swim was able to find still only have a quarter inch left behind the connector.  Not the most stable setup, in other words.  Also, they are much more expensive than the normal sized ones.  So, in conclusion, buy a 7x7 or 4x4 unless you are getting a combination hotplate/stirrer and really need to use oil baths for huge flasks (not a good idea), and be prepared to pay the big bucks (~$25 per clamp).

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12-10-02 19:47
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that's new equipment your dealing with right?

why not consider used' and save yourself alot of hard earned cash?

several online auctions come to mind ' and of course if your lucky you might try looking for some yard sales '' you never know  ,,,i bought a nice combo hotplate stirrir for 1.00 like new condition ' but dont expect to find those everyday but open some options and save some money.

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12-10-02 23:26
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Use two lab stands with a rod connected between them. Place one stand on eace side of your stirrer. Connect your clamp to the rod crossing over your  stirrer. Repeat crossbar at other hights for additional clamps

It looks like an H


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12-11-02 00:08
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      NEVER use horizontal rods to clamp stuff to.  Bookmark   

NEVER use horizontal rods to clamp stuff to. Especially not heavy stuff.
When you have two horizontal rods you can attach several vertical ones.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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12-11-02 08:21
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      Raf has used 10 liter sep funnel half-full and ...  Bookmark   

Raf has used 10 liter sep funnel half-full and just one lab stand with clamp.He didn't break anything he surely will build a sep funnel chair or something

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12-11-02 09:13
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he bought new from a lab supply company.  TBG's lab is full of new things.  It is not as common to find new equipment on auctions.  Also, most of the auction sites don't have exactly what you need exactly when you need it.  They are also addictive because you have to keep checking every day for new listings.  Also, there is no guarantee you will win.  Bidding is a pain in the ass, especially for those sites not offering proxy bidding.  TBG figures even though his setup is very expensive, it is going to make him more money than he put into it so all is good.  Also, using new stuff your lab looks cleaner and more professional.  Most of the auction hotplate/stirrers are the old models, and are rusted, stained, or dented.  The nice ones always have very competitive bidding which sometimes exceeds the retail price!  Swim does get new glassware on auctions, sometimes they sell NIB stuff.  Also, swim has a 14/20 Kontes Kem-Kit.  Cost him almost $400, but it would have taken months to find each individual part on auction sites.  Add to that the fact that glassware on auction sites rarely have 14/20 glassware.  It is more time efficient and convenient to just order it.  Swim hates rusty shit.  Rusty clamps, rusty hotplate/stirrers, rusty gas cylinders, rusty regulators, rusty lab stands, and rusty vacuum pumps annoy the shit out of him.  Even in academic labs these are very common.

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12-11-02 17:58
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      TBG!  Bookmark   

I got a 12x12 also ... I used 2 blocks and a small board:

        | |
        | |
        | |
        | |
        | |
  |        O O  |
|  |  __|_|__  |  |
|__| |_______| |__|

So I could slide the Stand base actually underneath par center of the back of the magnetic stirrer. It also allowed me enough headroom for the receiving flask that I could put an ice bath on a jackstand for ease of changing the flask.


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12-11-02 20:41
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I like to use any old electric motor I find lying around in the trashpiles on junk-day.  Sometimes I have to splurge a little bit and spend $2.00 for teflon-tape and a lighter.  The rare earth magnets I just slide up my sleeve when I'm at radio-shack.  You can adjust the voltage--and thus the rate of stin--by using a one of those power supplies that you find at walmart that output 1.5V, 3V, 6V, etc.

At some toy stores you can find magnets encased in spherical plastic.  I bet if you got enough of them together you could stir a five gallon bucket or larger with a boxfan and some speaker magnets.

Now, heat is another problem, as it tends to destablize ferromagnetic compounds.  No biggy.  There's always electromagnetism.  Wrap a nail with some copper wire.  Think smart and save your money for other things.

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