Vibrating_Lights (Hive Addict)
12-11-02 04:19
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      Dehalogenation of BromoCryptin.  Bookmark   

I know there may have been some discussion about foprming a gringard with the Br on the Bromocryptin molocule after making it into an amide.  But Could it be possible to eliminate the Br Using BtLi.  Starting with freebase bromocryptin Make the sulfate salt to Protect the N.  Then react the sulfate salt with BtLi.  And the Li will replace the Br.  Folling the reaction add water and the Li is gone.  Basify extract.  Purify over alumina then hydrolize into Lysergic acid.
Purify via various gentle methods
????What kind of solvents would show good tlc seperation of the BrR-LiR compounds.
Will the BtLi affect the =O next to the NH2*SO4

Then Check this out.
 LA dissolved in DCM with 3 eq. of freebase timethylamine.  Thionyl chloride is added dropwise. After add ition add 3eq od diethylamine.blush

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