LiquidGaia (Stranger)
12-12-02 00:11
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      Syringic aldehyde / Syringaldehyde uses  Bookmark   

What is Syringaldehyde used for besides as a precursor to cactus honey. Also, would there be any risk in ordering the chemical from a chem supplier.

I know it can be synthesizes from vanillin, but I'm not sure that bromine and myself will become good friends :(

thanks the help.

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(Hive Bee)
12-12-02 02:55
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      Vanillin is the way to go  Bookmark   

You don't need elemental bromine. Search harder because there are better methods around.
12-12-02 10:24
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      There is no risk if you work in some official ...  Bookmark   

There is no risk if you work in some official chem. lab. or have a company in that kind of job, if not who knows. You can substitute Br2 with I2.