mikdew1 (Newbee)
12-12-02 15:19
No 388766
      Digital pocket scales  Bookmark   

Anybee know if the Triton 100 digitals are any good? I ordered a set, because they looked like they would be good one's. Someone told me they thought they had heard bad things about them. I would appreciate anyone's input.
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12-13-02 21:19
No 389157
      no  Bookmark   

I have a palm scale and it does the job ' most small digital scales are ok '' just clean them after each use and store in a dry area.

don't try using them to weigh things over the max weight and they should last a looooong time..

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12-14-02 02:09
No 389257
      tritons lose accuracy after 6 mos.  Bookmark   

I've also heard people talk about they lose accuracy after being used a lot.  Tanita scales are really durable; I've carried around a set daily for over three years now and they are still accurate to 0.1g

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12-14-02 04:40
No 389312
      Pocket Scales.  Bookmark   

Pocket scales are great due to their size, although after travelling and bumping around with them they will become inaccurate.
Swim isn't sure whether tritons have a calibrator function, only really high end digi scales have these just to make sure that say 1gram is actually reading 1gram.
They use those old brass weights to calibrate. Swim has a set and wouldn't buy another set of pocket scales.

Buy yourself a set of stand alone digital scales that will do 0.0001 of a gram. They have these great little covers that will almost diminish the factor of air pressure errors.
Not a bad thing, but pretty pricy.
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12-14-02 05:32
No 389331
      pic  Bookmark   

here's what I got same color and all ' it's on special for $59.00 was $149.00

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12-14-02 05:52
No 389334
      Don't spill any GBL on scales in this price ...  Bookmark   

Don't spill any GBL on scales in this price range, or they'll start melting before you can say "Oh Shit!".

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12-14-02 06:11
No 389342
      MoDe  Bookmark   

I notice that the scales have a mode setting, does the website actually state what different modes the scales have?

Or does it real like imperial and metric?

Sweet ass discount though :)
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12-14-02 06:18
No 389348
      as will most other things  Bookmark   

ketones will melt right through those scale tops before you have a chance to wipe it up.

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12-14-02 09:04
No 389374
      Good digital scales cost over 500$,more accurate ...  Bookmark   

Good digital scales cost over 500$,more accurate ones over 1000$.

For those about to synth,we salute you
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12-14-02 23:55
No 389535
      watch for deals  Bookmark   

SWIM got a $1300USD 1300g x0.01g digital scale for $200USD.  everything seemed good until SWIM realized 1g measured 1.03g on the scale.  that works out to 3% off.

any scale that has been mailed or couriered will require checking to determine if it needs calibration.  the greater the accuracy, the greater the need for calibration.

Now with 12% more Bottom!
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12-15-02 11:59
No 389624
      I have this scale -> http://www.  Bookmark   

  I have this scale -> http://www.scientificsonline.com/EC/Products/Display.cfm?categoryid=222397, which I use mostly for consumables. As long as you don't spill hydrocarbons on it, it'll work fine. Haven't had to change the batteries for a few years.

  For weighing-out chems, I use scales that look out-dated, and non-digital, kind of like this one:

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12-15-02 13:46
No 389635
      Digital Scales non-pockets  Bookmark   

These are swims scales, they were a little more expensive when he bought them. Not a bad company though.

(Hive Bee)
12-15-02 17:14
No 389684
      Question?  Bookmark   

question for someone with a scale that goes to .001
How much does a us nickel weigh??
I know it's going to be lighter if it's old and worn out.
Try a new one if you can.

Is it exactly 5 grams?
I've always kinda used this as a base for checking a cheap scale and was wondering how close it actually is.

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12-15-02 17:21
No 389688
      I,for example,have complete set of weights ...  Bookmark   

I,for example,have complete set of weights including 500,200,100,50,20,10,5,2,1 gram.A friend's set includes also 500,200,100,50 and 20 mg weights.Very good to check if scale shows right numbers.They are quite cheap.

For those about to synth,we salute you
12-15-02 21:14
No 389720
      Thanks for all the input  Bookmark   

I went ahead and bought the Tritons. They have a calibration function if it's needed. They seem to be preety good. They go up to 100g. I'll let everyone know if they tyurn out to be junk.
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12-15-02 21:45
No 389725
      RC dosing  Bookmark   

How do people determine what dose to use with the RCs going around (especially 5-MeO-AMT)?  Must be mostly students using scales from the chem lab, huh?


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12-16-02 01:32
No 389808
      nickel weight  Bookmark   

"How much does a us nickel weigh??"

  After calibration of my acculab pocket pro, a 2002 nickel weighed in at 5g.

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12-16-02 04:04
No 389852
      COITUS  Bookmark   

The latest nickel that I can find it a 2001.. It weighs in at 4.973 grams..

I guess that's close enough ey.
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12-16-02 05:11
No 389873
      nice for the buck  Bookmark   

small digital scales serves a purpose for those who need a good scale for a small amount of money .

sure I would agree there are better scales on the market but for personal use the small digitals work just fine.

hell these are great compared to the ones i had before ,
you held it with two fingers , had a aligator clip
that I clipped to a cornor cut off a baggie, I put i2/rp /e  and it would weigh up to 20 grams i beleive nice huh.
I calibrated useing a nickle as a matter of fact hell it worked.
head-shop special $4.95
so yes these digitals are the cats meow IMHO besides I like the camo design,  no one can see it .   winkwink

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12-17-02 00:01
No 390083
      my scale...best accuracy for lowest price  Bookmark   


I have one of those. I think it is the highest accuracy for the price.  It has 0.002 (2mg) accuracy and has a max capacity of 10 grams.  It also includes a 10 gram calibration weight. The Tanita seems to be built nice and solid... and you get a little dinner-plate shaped tray and a little crucible shaped one with a spout for pouring, both plastic.


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12-18-02 15:52
No 390512
      Most accurate  Bookmark   

Swim remembers working in a chem lab a few years ago when there was this hugely accurate. It was mounted on this concrete pilon through 3 stories.. It had a hole drilled in each floor so that neither of them rested on that pilon and made the scale uneven.

It had this 5" x 5" x 3" block of concrete sunk into the ground to make it strong.. Was accurate to 0.000001 grams.. Was a great scale to work with, although hanging your head above the scale when measuring would change the reading.

Now I want a personal version of these scales, but not for the price they want. lol
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12-19-02 13:42
No 390780
      US nickles will vary  Bookmark   

A nickel will vary from 4.9 to 5.1 give or tak a few 0001. 5g is a good average or close enough for US gov work.

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