El_Zorro (Hive Addict)
12-14-02 03:32
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      FUCK oil baths!  Bookmark   

AAARRGGHHHH!!  Who the FUCK wants to work with oil baths??  They take forever to heat up, they're messy, they can fucking tip over and spill hot oil all over you, and then when you're done, they take forever to cool off, and if you're impatient like me, the hot oil will start to melt the plastic bottle the oil came in when you try to pour it back in.crazy  Fuck that!

I'm getting a fucking heating mantle for every size rb flask I have, and I'm never using a fucking oil bath again!

So what are bee's thought's on heating mantles?  I know I've seen MaDMAx bitch about oil baths a couple of times.wink  But how well do they allow magnetic stirring?  If they're just those cloth-looking ones, with no metal casing, and you don't have a piece of shit stirrer, it should work fine, right?  And if there's no regulator, then a dimmer switch should work, shouldn't it?  Those are rated at 120v, right?

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12-14-02 03:36
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      A good hotplate can heat a 1L sized oil bath to ...  Bookmark   

A good hotplate can heat a 1L sized oil bath to 150C in less than 10 minutes. Oil baths are great for total immersion of the flask esp. when distilling precious ketones.

Just gotta bee patient....

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12-14-02 04:45
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      Heating mantles.  Bookmark   

Post 366076 (dombo: "Oil bath or heating mantle?", Newbee Forum)
Post 274864 (terbium: "Re: Cleaning a hotplate", Newbee Forum)

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12-14-02 05:01
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      Looks good to me, terb.  Bookmark   

Looks good to me, terb.  Fuck those jerry's kid oil baths.  Who's with me?

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12-14-02 06:19
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      Heating mantle better  Bookmark   

In my opinion, heating mantles are best. The only thing is that you need many depending on your needs. I have no problems stirring in a 2l heating mantle and my hot plate/stirrer combo isnt so great.

As for a dimmer, it depends on the power of your mantle. A 2l that I have takes about 600 watts from a 120 volts supply. A dimmer that covers that range is needed for finer control.
But again these are my opinions, others like oil baths.
I have to say an oil bath when distilling your ketone is fine, totally immersed, less refluxing on the walls!
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12-14-02 09:02
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      I just love heating mantles,imagine heating 12 ...  Bookmark   

I just love heating mantles,imagine heating 12 liter flask in oil bath.Raf once spilled some 120C glycerine to middle finger,not something he would want to do again

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12-15-02 01:52
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      Do you use gallium for heating baths MaDMAx?  Bookmark   

Do you use gallium for heating baths MaDMAx?  I'd love a pic of something like that!  Even if I am going to use mantles from now on.cool

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12-16-02 04:58
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      make a mantle!  Bookmark   

Well I know this may not fly too well with most.I made a heating mantle out of pipe insulation.Comes in easy sized rolls,get some aluminum tape and make a mantle to fit your flask.Throw on hotplate.Has worked fine in all applications so far.I like it for safrole distillation.Its not offically recomended because in the event your flask breaks you may have a fire situation.But then again Ive started a fire from a flask breaking in the oil bath.So which is worse?Its up to you to decide if this may work for your needs.Ill just say it works fine.tongue

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