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12-14-02 22:56
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      Tryptamines from Amanita spp.  Bookmark   

In the "DMT plants" thread here on the hive and some other sites on net I have found that Amanita Citrina (false death
cap) contains DMT (%?), what is not strange considering the structure of amatoxines, phallotox., virotox.All of them in their structure have an Indole molecule.
In all older mycology literature this fungus was taken as extremly poisonous shroom, probably because of similariti with Amanita Phaloides (Death cap), but today the story is diferent, many authors take it as "little poisonous"(problems with walking and talking,euphoria, nerve problems, halucinations,deep sleep after intoxication...). Can the tryptamines (discused at hive) be responsable for at least some of simpthoms .
Has anybody some literature references about this title.

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12-15-02 01:13
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      TiHKAL. Y'now, the book that with the front cover ...  Bookmark   

TiHKAL. Y'now, the book that with the front cover that looks like the blue-white image at the bottom of this webpage, sandwiched between PiHKAL (also an interesting read) and total synthesis.

After you've read  that book, I think the best answer to your question would be 'isolation of all psychoactive compounds by several different extraction methods, identification by GC/MS and/or NMR, followed by some old-fashioned human bio-assays'.

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12-15-02 19:11
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Thanks Yelly for the detailed book description, now I know the booklaugh.If you can give me more refs. great, and, description is optional.