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12-15-02 02:40
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well, there's an ongoing thread goin on over at "mycotopia" about extracting psilicybin from mushrooms, and everyone, even PF himself is hailing it as a breakthough in extraction..after some quick searches here and at rhodium, i know this has been done many times before, but most of the folks over there aren't chemists at all, and are stumbling thru trying to find the best way to do this..(i.e. is it safe to use methanol, ethanol ect..?)..i'm pretty stupid myself with this stuff, but am slowly learning, and i just thought it would be cool if some of you super-smart bee's could contribute to an stumbling, ongoing thread by dedicated shroomers who are trying to figure out the best way to do this with no chem knowlege..most would never come here..you guys are smart..show us watcha got..if you desire..-> http://www.mycotopia.net/discus/messages/2/18569.html?1039915306  ..you can read the first part of the thread by clicking on the archives..psili is a tryptamine, so i assumed this was the right forum..sorry if it wasn't..peace..
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12-15-02 03:22
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Post 184230 (PolytheneSam: "Re: Enhanced Psilocybin Production", Tryptamine Chemistry)
Patent US3183172
Patent US3192111

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12-15-02 04:57
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thankz poly!