Bwiti (PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
12-16-02 04:42
No 389861
      Impurity -> Grignard?  Bookmark   

  I dried my THF over NaOH for about a week, then decanted it off into a dry bottle with a teflon screw-cap. After doing this, I noticed that a small amount of NaOH particles came over with it. Will this adversely effect a Grignard rxn?

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(Chief Bee)
12-16-02 04:51
No 389865
      In this case, hydroxide is an acid  Bookmark   

As OH- is way more acidic than R-, any hydroxide ions in the THF will consume one equivalent of grignard reagent. I suggest that you distill it before use, or you might get problems starting the reaction (unless you are making MeMgI or any other very reactive grignard).
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
12-16-02 06:19
No 389892
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  I'm planning on using bromobenzene, so I'll have to distill. Thanks for the

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