wyndowlicker (tourbee)
12-16-02 05:04
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      Super distilling!  Bookmark   

I would like to take this time to verify that the super distillation method does work.Get it hotter pull it faster.Hell once the DCM has distilled off it took 8 minutes to pull out my ketone.Nice and clean all the way to crystals(Wyndows)Ive lyked them.Oh I can also do the distilling of safrole in a 8th the time.From beginning to end 28 hours niggas!Just wait till we drop the logic bees.The write -up will bee within the week.tongue

Come to daddy on an inside string,and I guess theres no chance of loosing this time.-GD
(Hive Bee)
12-16-02 05:23
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      Are you implying  Bookmark   

That distilling something above it's boiling point will distill it faster?
Of course it will!
But you may want to double check your purity before you proceed try a thin layer chromatogram of the distillate and see how many fractions came over at the same time.
12-16-02 05:59
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      It takes some tuning.  Bookmark   

Alright Ill run on down to store and grab a TLC kit.Bee right back.No just kidding.winkIve got the lets say normal heating of on my plate would bee a 3.5 Ill go to 5. not hot enough polyemerize.Get your pump going and rip that fucker apart it take some getting used to.Vibrating Lights showed me this its unreal.Im really impressed.shockedThose bucket aminations are great when your running a beast stirrer underneath.coolThe oil is super pure.There is nothing else to look for homey!Ketone is also same color and consistancy.The amount of residue left after a re-distill was acceptable for a completed synth.Nice and white!No afterbite.tongue

Come to daddy on an inside string,and I guess theres no chance of loosing this time.-GD
(Chief Bee)
12-16-02 06:08
No 389885
      Distill SLOWLY  Bookmark   

UTFSE on Osmium posts with the keywords "distillation" and "separation", and he will explain in detail why the purity of your distillate goes down at exactly the same rate as the distillation speeds up.

1-2 drops per second, with a column, that's the way to go.

Color and consistency is not an acceptable analytical method by the way, see recent posts by me where I tell that to Dr_ruthenium.
12-16-02 06:25
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So sorry!I forgot to write that I now go back and re-distill it all for purity anyhow.Its much quicker that way.tongue.I have also been meticulous up to this point.I just wanted to see what would happen.I did mention it though didnt I, that i redistilled it at 1dps and had very little residue.There is very little residue if you pull it over just right it take a proper tweeking of the vacuum.Hell if theres a difference here help me find it.Sure Im not doing a fractional distillation.Im going to start though just too see what happens.tongue

Come to daddy on an inside string,and I guess theres no chance of loosing this time.-GD