FlashBang (Stranger)
12-17-02 09:22
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      Dea certification?  Bookmark   

Swim was ready to purchase some 1,4,butanediol from a large chem supplier but has now noticed on their website that a "Dea certification" is required. Does anyone know what this is, how to get one, or is this something to stay away from. Of course swims intentions with BDO are for personal use only.
(Mystic's Path to Cosmic Power)
12-17-02 15:05
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      you cant get a dea license, you're more likely to ...  Bookmark   

you cant get a dea license, you're more likely to get run over by a car driven by a penguin...

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12-18-02 18:02
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One would kind of need to own a well-established business, employ a few PhDs, and actually use every last milligram for a legitimate purpose. It would be incredibly stupid to apply for a DEA permit when you plan to break the law :)
12-22-02 11:38
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      You guys are right.  Bookmark   

After more research I see that Bdo is now Schedule 1 (DAMN)!
(Hive Bee)
12-25-02 22:08
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      Source Please  Bookmark   

just curious, but could you please provide the source that lists BDO as a schedule 1?
12-26-02 02:39
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      I got the idea that BDO is schedule 1...  Bookmark   

After Swim Was told By 2 major chem suppliers That have always carried BDO, that it is no longer available and another major chem supplier now requires DEA certification to purchase. I also found this link doing a google search; http://www.pharmacy.state.or.us/newrules/855-080-0021%286%29.PDF
01-04-03 15:21
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      dea approval!  Bookmark   

When a company is faced with you wanting to buy some scheduled crizzernacker precursors most likely,
they go through this general process.
You submit a dea approval form.
For dea approval, someone is sent to check your facility, check your mannerism, if YOU are fit to buy the shizzles and if the facility is equipped properly to handle the shazzles.
Now, if you look around carefully, you might find companies that will ship you pre dea approvals.  Very scarce but they are out there.
swim suggests looking your source to other countries such as mexico or India and making a trip there and shipping them back in electronics to your own lil depot.. then again.. that's just swim. 
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