gabd (Hive Bee)
12-17-02 20:28
No 390425
      Legislation about the favorite oil  Bookmark   

I was just wondering if a list with the status of sassafras oil in different countries of the world has ever been done. I havent used TFSE yet, but I dont recall seing a thread about that. Of course I could have missed it.
If such a list doesnt exist, maybe we should built one, with contributions of different bees about their country. Unless people get scared by posting information about a specific country, thereby pointing most likely from where bees are.
Is that a good idea?
(Chief Bee)
12-18-02 19:36
No 390686
      No such list exists here, as far as I know, just ...  Bookmark   

No such list exists here, as far as I know, just scattered reports. Please go through the archives and compile such a list.
(Hive Bee)
12-18-02 21:17
No 390698
      I'll do that, school's off!  Bookmark   

I'll see what I can do. After all, I have a two week break!
(Hive Bee)
12-19-02 08:15
No 390820
      This is a GREAT idea.  Bookmark   

This is a GREAT idea. Surfing in the Net I found such lists for US and Canada only. Many times I'm asking to myself if a chemical I like or need to get hold of is listed or not. We can't go to chem suppliers and ask for chems blindly. I have two suppliers in two different towns, I can't risk to "burn" myself asking for chems they can't give me.
I start saying that in Italy sassy is not forbidden officially, but it's very difficult to find a firm stocking it. It's real paranoia getting it. Other listed chems: MeOH and the two propanols. Dimethylsulphate is listed, iodo methane and ethane not. Hypophosporous acid is "freely" available only after dealer's questions about what you do with it. Dichromate: freely available even in kilos.
Cat making chems here are totally free, meth chems not so much, you must be able to tell lies.
Question for Rhodium: sorry, but perhaps I didn't fully understand your post. Shall we e-mail to you in your archive such list?
(Chief Bee)
12-19-02 11:53
No 390848
      The idea was to post a list here in this forum ...  Bookmark   

The idea was to post a list here in this forum about which essential oils are illegal in what country. Don't email it to me, I have enough to do already.
12-19-02 15:53
No 390936
      Hmmm  Bookmark   

I wonder about the possibilities of unscrupulous persons selling certain essential oils on ebay, for those not lucky enough to have access to them. maybe due to their dementia accidentally mislabel the oil or something :)
(Chief Bee)
12-19-02 16:23
No 390946
      Anyone buying or selling such oils on Ebay are ...  Bookmark   

Anyone buying or selling such oils on Ebay are just waiting to get caught - can you imagine the extent of surveillance and traps at Ebay?
(Hive Bee)
12-20-02 07:23
No 391032
      Italia! Wow, I bet your are one of only a few ...  Bookmark   

Italia! Wow, I bet your are one of only a few bees in your country.
(Hive Addict)
12-20-02 07:35
No 391036
      Raf's from country few times smaller than Italia ...  Bookmark   

Raf's from country few times smaller than Italia and he knows a bee from his country.

For those about to synth,we salute you
(Hive Bee)
12-20-02 10:43
No 391101
      I wish I knew other bees  Bookmark   

But it scares me like shit.
It would be nice to have other bees as friends(in the same country). That way we could help out each other by exchanging tricks etc.

The only thing, how can you trust anybody(or most)?
(Hive Bee)
12-21-02 09:25
No 391468
      You're right, Scram. In my "chemical" life I ...  Bookmark   

You're right, Scram. In my "chemical" life I didn't find anyone with this hobby like me. Surely I'm not the only one, but we are not organized as you. I'd like there was also here a group like in US and UK, but in Italy the "dope mentality" comes not from the line beat generation-hippies-Leary in your Country, but only from a black market "philosophy", run by criminals for which drugs are nothing but a good investement. There is the Antiprohibitionist section of the Radical Party, but we are a sort of elite, not widespread around the Country. Also the paralysis of political life has generated this state of things. But if we watch from an utilitarian point of view, being not many persons requiring "strange" chems, we can purchase openly lab grade iodine in 100gr bottles, for example, I don't know if the US you can buy openly that stuff. I could make cat all my life long without raising the least suspicion. I know in Milan opened a smart-drugs shop in which they sell salvia divinorum extracts. Black market drugs here fucked up the "hippie alternative", but gradually many people are discovering the entheogenic aspects of some chems and plants, only that we are at least 50 years behind than you at the other side of the Ocean.