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12-22-02 05:34
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      Synthesis of Iodobenzene/Chlorobenzene in one pot  Bookmark   

A mixture of 22.8 g of benzene (0.3 moles), 27.5 g of iodine monochloride (0.169 moles), and 2.0 g of tungstated zirconia calcined at 800 DEG C. for 3 hours was stirred for 20 minutes at 20 DEG C. A copious quantity of HCl off-gassed from the reaction mixture. A GC of the reaction mixture indicated 41% conversion of benzene to a 1.3:1 mixture of chlorobenzene and iodobenzene.

Patent US6225514

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12-22-02 05:44
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      And your point is?  Bookmark   

So by using a very expensive reagent and a specialized, hard to prepare catalyst, you can get a 41% yield of a mixture of relatively cheap, commercial products while releasing large amounts of corrosive gasses?

I'm sorry, but I don't think I have seen such a useless synthesis in a long time... crazy
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12-22-02 05:49
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Don't be sorry.  laugh I found it interesting that both could be made in one reaction vessel at the same time. Yield sucks, yeah... hehe... But then again, you can just order them :)

Hey! Maybe we can use this as a novel HCl(g) generator for chrystallisations LOL!

Iodobenzene is to prefer in most cases over chlorobenzene.  A better way of making it is:

Post 380729 (pHarmacist: "Iodobenzene by direct benzene iodination", Novel Discourse)

Looking up prices online at various chem suppliers makes me wonder if this realy isn't the most useless/stupid synthesis around..

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