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12-24-02 17:26
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I have exhausted my funds paying $25 dol a shot for articles, hence I find myself short in getting,......
Article: A convenient reduction of amino acids and their derivatives

Marc J. McKennon, A. I. Meyers, Karlheinz Drauz, and Michael Schwarm
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 58 (13), 3568-3571.

If anyone has access to this I would appreciate it if you could uploaded it or link it to a PDF file.

I have E.E. Van Tamelon and J.S. Gladysz article in the Journal of American Chemical Society ( 96, (16),5290-5291 "Direct conversion of aldehydes , esters and 1,2,-oxide to alkanes with carbon skeleton preservation"  if anyone is interested i can make it available on a PDF format.

As I have no access to a well stocked library  I seek the help of the bee's.

Saludos , from Latin America.......and Happy Holidays !
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12-26-02 01:38
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Borohydride-Iodine reduction of acids to alcohols (../rhodium/pdf /borohydride-iodine.pdf)

Deoxygenation of aldehydes/esters/epoxides with Titanocene (../rhodium/pdf /titanocene-deoxygenation.pdf)
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12-26-02 03:33
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Thank you,
         Saludos, from Latin America

                         Happy Holidays!