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12-24-02 21:09
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Here is some research on the use of recyclable polymers for making aldehydes and more ....

"We have shown that the known conducting polymer  will oxidize alcohols such as benzyl alcohol to the corresponding aldehyde (in this case benzaldehyde). The polymer can be recycled to its oxidizing form by treatment with ferric chloride, making it reusable. Since we can recycle the oxidizing agent and it does not contain toxic metals, this has the potential to be an environmentally friendly oxidizing agent. We are exploring the use of 10 and other conducting polymers as synthetic reagents in collaboration with Professor Greg Sotzing of the UCONN Chemistry Department. This research will also provide a tool to study the surface characteristics and reactivity of the polymers, with the goal of designing polymers that will have reaction characteristics of our choice. ", comments from Michael B. Smith from the Dept. of Chemistry Univ of Connecticut
(see) diagram #10 on this link

Somehow I feel this research will serve this Bee community well,...................

Saludos , from Latin America,........Feliz Navidad!
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12-30-02 00:23
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As a follow up I contacted the chemist doing the study to provide info as to the type of polymer and conditions for his claim.......will keep the bee's posted

Saludos from Latin America........Happy New Year !

We can all be a piece of the completion!
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01-09-03 14:55
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I got a reply and answers to be available soon,.......

     "Thank you for your interest in our work.  We are finishing up
work prior to publishing our results.  I will be glad to send you a
preprint of the work that will answer your questions, once things are
complete." ........

.The question was the  type of recyclable polymers used and conditions......more to come /.......Java

Saludos, from Latin America
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01-09-03 16:12
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      promising find!  Bookmark   

I was always a friend of green chemistry....laugh

hope youŽll keep us informed on the subject.


now or never