homeslice (Stranger)
12-26-02 05:49
No 392879
      VERY strange sassy websites  Bookmark   

Not many essential oil sites on the internet even offer to sell sassy oil but the ones that do are often very odd about it. I'm looking at this one very large site that's selling hundreds of essential oils, including sassy. The problem is that with every single one of the other oils, the most you can buy in one purchase is 1 liter, but the sassy quantity option looks like this:

Add One 10ml Sassafras Oil for Only 2.60
Add One 50ml Sassafras Oil for Only 8.70
Add One 100ml Sassafras Oil for Only 14.30
Add One 500ml Sassafras Oil for Only 35.80
Add 1-4 kg(s) of Sassafras Oil for Only 61.80 per kg
Add 5-14 kgs of Sassafras Oil for Only 55.70 per kg
Add 15-24 kgs of Sassafras Oil for Only 50.00 per kg
Add 25-49 kgs of Sassafras Oil for Only 41.40 per kg
Add One 50 kgs IRON DRUM of Sassafras Oil for Only 1600.00

uhhh... an iron drum?

Also some, maybe 20%, of the oils list a generic little fact sheet not really explaining boiling points or chemical composition except the one for the sassy which lists this:

 Colour and Appearance  Pale yellow, transparent liquid  Conforms
 Odour  Rich safrole fragrance characteristics  Conforms
 Refractive Index @20 C  1.517 1.535  1.532
 Specific Gravity @25 C/25 C  1.051 1.095  1.081
 Congealing Point  + or = 8.2 C  8.4 C
 Safrole Content  + or = 90%  90.4%
 Remarks  Flash point: 85 C

NONE of the other oils even attempt to mentioning contents or temperatures?

And its not just this one site, theres a handful that seem to have taken an interest in listing particular details in ONLY sassy oil...

My question is that do many of these distributors know why people are buying all this sassy oil? And isnt it a little strange for them to be selling iron drums and listing safrole contents for one specific oil and not for the other 150?
12-26-02 06:03
No 392881
      doesnt seem too out of the ordinary to me.  Bookmark   

doesnt seem too out of the ordinary to me. mabe their DEA trying to attract Bees or mabe its just a legit company also trying to attract bees. Most places dont give a fuck what you do with it as long as they get their money.
(Hive Addict)
12-26-02 09:28
No 392912
      run  Bookmark   

quickly run in the other direction.  anyone who offers bulk sas, especially in a country where it is about to become illegal in 6 days, is more than likely a trap.

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(Hive Bee)
12-26-02 09:32
No 392913
      I agree it is always good to err on the side of ...  Bookmark   

I agree it is always good to err on the side of caution, it does seem strange to only be offering such detailed information for only sassafras oil.

Could it be that legitimage sassafras oil customers have been affected by the fake sassy being sold online and so these sites are trying to demonstrate that they are not selling fake/safrole free sassafras oil? I know safrole was and could still be used in perfumery, in the manufacture of heliotropin and also in the manufacture of PBO (piperonyl butoxide) so as it may still have legitimate uses, legitimate sassafras oil customers (there must still be some out there? tongue) may have been affected by sale of safrole free oil....? ..and maybe hence the detailed analysis of these outlet's sassafras oil.

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12-26-02 10:39
No 392925
      They know that sassy is almost a must for X ...  Bookmark   

They know that sassy is almost a must for X chemist and why not make some money as long as sass is legal to obtain and sell.One company that sells also hundreds of oils sells just one oil on ebay,guess which one and of course there is % marked in description.

For those about to synth,we salute you
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12-26-02 13:26
No 392946
      rafflike  Bookmark   

So nice of you to bee so descriptive all the fuckin time. mad What good did that do? Publically informing people what you saw on e bay. Is that necessary? Posts like that do NO GOOD whatsover. If anything, they give those interested in fuckin someone a good lead.
(Chief Bee)
12-26-02 16:42
No 392979
      Isn't it a good thing to point out such a thing ...  Bookmark   

Isn't it a good thing to point out such a thing to people, so that they won't bust themselves by buying drug precursors on an online auction site? Not everybody here are smart enough to figure that out all by themselves...
(Hive Bee)
12-26-02 21:14
No 393056
      The idea being, if officer joe schmoe reads that, ...  Bookmark   

The idea being, if officer joe schmoe reads that, and he decides to go to e bay and find this company he speaks of.. well, whatever. Even though it's common knoledge to steere clear of e-bay, this company may be reputable outside of E bay, and when someone points out that sas is the only oil they sell, out the many they offer, is being sold on e bay.. it's just not right, and someone who was down enough for the cause to even get into the biz of selling oil.. I just wouldn't want to be that person, or be the person who bought oil from that person.
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12-27-02 05:27
No 393187
      roundbottom said "especially in a country where ...  Bookmark   

roundbottom said
"especially in a country where it is about to become illegal in 6 days, is more than likely a trap."

You are talking about canada right?  or is there another country fixing to ban it?

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12-27-02 10:02
No 393235
      yup  Bookmark   

pls see Post 393234 (RoundBottom: "9th?", Chemicals & Equipment)

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(Title on BackOrder)
12-28-02 03:23
No 393328
      oh Canada  Bookmark   

that's what I thought you meant.  My heart about skipped a beat when I first read that, thinking you were referring to the US.  I wonder what would happen to people that have oil in transport when it gets scheduled?
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12-28-02 09:15
No 393427
      Saz  Bookmark   

Every newbee visits eBay before he even knows Hive and i'm pretty sure DEA has sorted out all Iodine sellers and there seems to be few but i wouldn't buy from 'em and i'm sure you wouldn't too.Sassy au countraire is legal to obtain as long it contains any chemical besides safrole that's not listed like phelladrene or something like that.But we all know this might change soon...
12-28-02 10:33
No 393441
      It will change  Bookmark   

It WILL change. And it sucks :-(

Oh well, by the time swims done with the 1L she has sass will probally be illegal everywhere and there will be new and better ways to honey !

I wonderhow long 1L will last swim...
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12-28-02 12:13
No 393456
      Sass  Bookmark   

I'd go thru 1 liter within a week.20 liters of 88% formic waiting along few kgs of 35% H2O2.Raff's friend will probably order a modest quantity from different suppliers for backup.In Europe this shit should be legal for few years more.
12-28-02 19:25
No 393520
      Perfect smell, boiling 232-34  Bookmark   

Amazing quality, cheap price.
But not for long
Just look at their name.
I'm not a stranger.