nutlin (Newbee)
12-26-02 19:25
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      Is this a good mag stirrer?  Bookmark   

I finally decidedto bite the bullet and buy a new magnetic stirrer. Im thinking of buying and IKA Ceramag. Anyone have any experience with these?

Hers a pic of on:
(Hive Bee)
12-26-02 19:48
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      swim looked at that same kind a while back before ...  Bookmark   

swim looked at that same kind a while back before buying a different brand......I think it would be a real good first plate because it has that temp control that holds temperature within 1-2 deg. or something like that.  i say go for it.

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(Chief Bee)
12-27-02 23:58
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      IKA  Bookmark   

I can vouch for that the IKA stirrers have the strongest magnets and are of the best quality among the stirrers I have come across. They are relatively hard to find used, as the owners does not tend to give up on them in quite a while...
(Hive Addict)
12-28-02 00:08
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      IKA  Bookmark   

They are good,i agree, but they are also very expensive.My whole lab setup costed about as much as this stirrer
(Hive Bee)
12-30-02 13:38
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      mantle + stirrer + mantle controller  Bookmark   

You will save alot of money piecing that together used. Mantle kicks the crap out of having to mess with oil baths. Seriously thinking about selling the hotplate stirrer and buying a couple stirrers. Never use it anymore except as an expensive stirrer. For less than I spent on the hotplate stirrer I was able to cobble together a mantle, stirrer and controller. Used mantles are dirt cheap. Line them with foil if you want to keep them clean and not get the crap from a used mantle on your glassware.

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(Hive Bee)
12-30-02 13:59
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      Ika's have an extremely strong magnet, ...  Bookmark   

Ika's have an extremely strong magnet, especially for their real small size (top is only about 6" diameter). You'll be surprised when you try to pull the stir bar off the plate.
12-30-02 14:28
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      Max it up Maxi style  Bookmark   

Thermoleyne Maxi Stirrer.

I don't think you can get a better magnetic stirring plate. wink

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