El_Zorro (Hive Addict)
01-02-03 07:50
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Where would a bee get a roll of those 1/10 ounce, or 1 ounce .999 platinum coins the US mint is always putting out?  I've seen them on ebay, but it's only for like $40+ per coin.  So I'd like to get a roll of those, probably just once.  So where should I start looking?

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01-02-03 11:54
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just what comes in mind so sudden.
The OZ mint sells 1/10 ounce Pd coins, but you have to roll them by your own. smile


now or never
01-02-03 20:30
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Ran your question by a coin-collector buddy (funny, btw, how people get will latch onto one particular area to the point of obsession huh :).

He steered me toward one particular coin dealer.
He told me that there is a very big difference in price between coin dealers. Around 40%. He's drug me around to a couple of coin shows; they'd be viable search targets. Depends if you're in or near a large urban centre as far as that goes. Around here they're about once every two months or so.

Also says that it's not the best time to buy platinum. Price-wise. Price has soared in the last year or so.

anyways, good luck