El_Zorro (Hive Addict)
01-03-03 09:53
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      solvent inert to CaC2?  Bookmark   

What solvents are inert towards CaC2?  More specifically, one that acetamide would be fairly soluble in.

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01-03-03 09:55
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      What?  Bookmark   

What does this has to do with: Novel synthetic routes to psychoactive materials

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01-03-03 10:14
No 395075
      Well, I didn't really mention it in the ...  Bookmark   

Well, I didn't really mention it in the question but I was asking this so that I could start forming a procedure for dehydrating acetamide to acetonitrile.  So if anybody has thoughts on that too, I'd like to hear them.

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(Chief Bee)
01-03-03 10:45
No 395088
      Solvents compatible with calcium carbide  Bookmark   

You want a solvent not containing any acidic hydrogens or other functional groups sensitive to bases. Such solvents include hydrocarbons (like hexane/toluene) and ethers (THF/Et2O).

Chlorinated hydrocarbons (DCM, chloroform) might react, so don't use them just to be safe. Esters, alcohols and ketones and any solvents not properly dried are directly unsuitable.
01-03-03 18:07
No 395154
      Would CaC2 dissolve in benzaldehyde, forming...  Bookmark   

Would CaC2 dissolve in benzaldehyde, forming (after acidification) 1,4-diphenyl-1,4-dihydroxy-2-butyne?
CaC2 + 2Ph-CHO -> Ph-C(OH)-C---C-C(OH)-Ph
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01-03-03 18:43
No 395160
      According to what mechanism?  Bookmark   

According to what mechanism?
01-03-03 19:56
No 395173
      Just a thought... C 2 2- being such a strong...  Bookmark   

Just a thought... C22- being such a strong base, that it would add to the carbonyl and making a hydroxy... SN2 basically... Well... a nucleophile attack anyway...
If CaC2 won't dissolve in benzaldehyde, then this wouldn't work. But perhaps with another solvent...?
01-12-03 05:24
No 397396
      Anybody...any knowledge about this...?  Bookmark   

Anybody...any knowledge about this...?
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01-12-03 16:44
No 397550
      Maybe you could heat acetamide and CaC2 ...  Bookmark   

Maybe you could heat acetamide and CaC2 together without a solvent.  Try a small amount in a test tube.  You could connect a one hole rubber stopper and 90 degree piece of glass tubing to the test tube and then connect a condenser to it and see if you can distill off any CH3CN.

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