GammaQ (Stranger)
01-03-03 03:13
No 395104
      Solvent for 2,5-DMA  Bookmark   

What other solvent can I use to synthesis the 2,5-DMA besides the CHCl3 ??

(Hive Bee)
01-03-03 03:22
No 395105
      Oh boy  Bookmark   

You need to specify which route you are planning to use, otherwise itīs kinda hard to know which solvents are useful.

Catalytic hydrogenation freak
(Chief Bee)
01-03-03 04:44
No 395113
      2,5-dimethoxynitropropene preparation improvement  Bookmark   

Instead of using the messy preparation from Pihkal requiring solvent extraction to synthesize the 2,5-dimethoxynitropropene, instead use the procedure at ../rhodium/chemistry /edda.html which gives an equal yield, higher purity, and also produces the 2,5-dimethoxynitropropene in crystalline form directly.

If you still feel you want to use the Pihkal procedure, you can substitute the chloroform with dichloromethane.