Rhadon (Stranger)
01-04-03 19:42
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I'm back with another ebook.

facts and figures:
title: Advanced Organic Synthesis - Methods and Techniques
authors: Richard S. Monson
publisher: Academic Press
copyright: 1971
number of pages: 209
filesize: 8 MB

Download - option 1
Follow this link and download all 18 files. Let's see how long it lasts smile
To download page (http://advancedorganic.esmartweb.com)
Note: The files will probably have a second extension '.htm' after the download. Simply delete this second extension and extract the file from the archive as usual.

Download - option 2
Sign up for a free Streamload (http://www.streamload.com) account.
Send me a PM or email with your new streamload username which my not contain parts of your hive username and I'll streambeam the book to you (one file). Don't post your streamload username here! Afterwards, you will be able to download it.

(Hive Bee)
01-04-03 22:29
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Thanks again for making another book available, however I have a question and that is why not upload it as  a PDF file hence Mac users like myself can download  and it would be easier for everyone concerned.

I don't know if you are able to do that but if you could I'm sure I'm no the only  bee that would be grateful.......java

Saludos, from Latin America

Chemistry like Math  is a universal language.........
(Hive Addict)
01-04-03 22:34
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Header tells that the files are *.ace just change the file extension from htm to ace.

Java: Reason why he makes several disks is not that it's fun or anything, you have to if the provider has certain file-size limitations.

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01-04-03 22:43
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      Why not PDF  Bookmark   

Yes, pHarmacist, that's exactly the reason why I don't use simply the PDF format instead. eSmartWeb has set a filesize limit to 650 KB / file if I'm right, so the only other options would be a more common archive format (like .zip) or splitting the PDF into 650 KB chunks. But I think that it would be more work to reassemble the PDF than to find someone who can decompress the .ace-files for you and give you the book smile.
And there is still download option #2 (streamload). On demand I will in this case also be able to send you the PDF in uncompressed state.
01-08-03 00:13
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      Busted!!!  Bookmark   

I think your provider doesn't share our sentiments of what your kindly offering to everyone is worth as it is no longer available for download . Anyone else available to host...
01-08-03 00:32
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      Yes, that's true. They kicked the files but -...  Bookmark   

Yes, that's true. They kicked the files but - surprisingly - not the account. I consider this as an invitation to re-upload the book wink. One hour after I have posted this the links should be working again.
01-08-03 04:28
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      Thanks  Bookmark   

Thanks Bud.
Much appreciated.cool