Barium (Hive Bee)
01-06-03 17:24
No 395825
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This has already been posted so I link to the old post containing the patent
Post 387007 (PolytheneSam: "oximes", Methods Discourse)

Catalytic hydrogenation freak
(Master Searcher)
01-07-03 00:24
No 395925
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How did you manage to find that?  I found it looking for oxime patents. Post 387007 (PolytheneSam: "oximes", Methods Discourse)
The hardest thing to explain is the obvious
(Hive Bee)
01-07-03 11:27
No 396090
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I even UTFSE before posting the link and got no hits. Wonder what I did wrong?
I canīt remember how I found that patent. Itīs been on my HD for a while. I re-discovered it yesterday.

Catalytic hydrogenation freak