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01-08-03 18:17
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im buying hg from a company and they asked these questions "what your end use of this
product is? Regulations mandate that we know where the chemicals are going
and what they might be used for?" does anyone know? and yes i used TFSE.
01-08-03 18:32
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Mercurys a known carcinogen and a very dangerous chemical and it might be better off not ordered so take a look at this page. Maybe you'll find it as useful as i have.

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01-08-03 19:27
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Uses of Hg:

Often used in Lab work for making thermometers, barometers, diffusion pumps,and other instruments.
Mercury-Vapor lamps and advertising signs
Mercury switches and other electrical apparatus
making some pesticides
making mercury cells
caustic soda and chlorine production
making dental amalgams and preparations
making anti-fouling paint
making batteries
making catalysts

Takne from:

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01-09-03 02:00
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      My doctor's sphygmomanometers have mercury...  Bookmark   

My doctor's sphygmomanometers have mercury manometers in them (hanging on the wall).

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01-10-03 02:54
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      polarography  Bookmark   

Polarography use a column of Hg metal to make renewable mercury drops with constant shape from a capillary tube. We use liters of Hg for that in our labs at university.
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01-10-03 06:08
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      Tell them you're trying to make a replica of...  Bookmark   

Tell them you're trying to make a replica of the first barometer.

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01-11-03 00:11
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      The use of a hg salt is...  Bookmark   

If you buy a mercury (hg) salt, this is used in analytical labors for kjehldahl proteinanalysis...

Pehaps this helps..