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01-10-03 01:58
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Martinkova L., Kren V., Cvak L.:
Method for the production of lysergic acid using biotransformation of lysergamide
Czech Patent Appl. PV-4340-99, 3.12.1999.

and sorry, thats all. If someone is serious interested I could try to get it. But will be czech of course.


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01-14-03 16:28
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somebody could do a crappy autotranslation on it, might as well post it.
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01-14-03 16:42
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Karel knows czech, he translated ../rhodium/chemistry /leminger.html.
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01-19-03 00:24
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Thats all I got by now and I canīt explain the single steps but will dive deeper in the enzymes ...

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