psych0t1c (Newbee)
01-12-03 01:18
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I suppose this is not falling into "reveal to sources"-category... be warned though, you might spend quite some time/bucks when surfing this site:

Of special interest should bee
and maybe for makeshift vacuum pumps and the like.

only losers use dr... erm... i mean only users lose drugs
01-12-03 11:25
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I'll pass that link to my 10 year old nephew.tongue

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01-12-03 21:21
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What do you think the chances of that site being a rip-off artist at work? 
I mean look at those odd prices on 500ml sep funnels, send them your paypal only payment right? errrrr, I dunno.
01-12-03 21:58
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      dude, that's a surplus store.  Bookmark   

dude, that's a surplus store. maybe that might explain the odd prices. and i think the site is a little too big and large for someone being a scam artist. and you can pay via major credit cards which allow you to revoke your payment in case nothing arrives. you can return stuff. what is your problems. number one reason though is, a friend of mine ordered stuff there and it came OK, in time and well packed.

only losers use dr... erm... i mean only users lose drugs
01-13-03 03:28
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      some1 i know VERY well has ordered many times...  Bookmark   

some1 i know VERY well has ordered many times from them;great prices,no problems!
01-13-03 10:15
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      whos using 500ml seps?  Bookmark   

Are you guys working microscale?500ml seems awfully small for anything involving MdMA.tongueThey are no scam just not stocked for anything larger.6L nows thats working with glassware.Seriously.Ive decided to drop all that small glass and scale up.In turn you scale down all the small bullshit glassware.Mantles and 22L flasks.Overhead stirrer.Its funny how untill you sucessfully get your honey you thinking."how can I do this for 5 dollars." to "HOw can I spend a grand to better my shack.tongue

The wisest man is deep insane.-GD
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01-13-03 11:24
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Well there wyndowlicker, Myself nor Swim ever ventures into the realm of MDMA. Swim sticks with the tried and true RP/I2 route. And 500ml sep funnels are just dandy to produce an ounce of candy.

i think I'll order swim one right now.
(Title on BackOrder)
01-13-03 13:32
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      my thoughts exactly Wyndowlicker  Bookmark   

I didn't see anything on that site that looked big enough to be appealing.frown  Not that I would have ordered from there anyway.  Once I find a decent company to order from, I stick with them.  No need to test the waters everywhere IMHO.

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01-13-03 19:34
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01-13-03 19:50
      nice advertisement
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