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01-12-03 22:23
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What's up fellow bees?
I was blurting to a close friend about how much meth I could make, if only I had a source for nitroethane. my friend then stated that it was sold near a place where certain cars are raced, timed, etc.
  I am completely aware that nitroMETHane is sold at the same place. I explained to my friend that he was mistaken, but he proceeded to insist that both fuels were sold at this place.
  I've never been to these kind of places. Is there a chance that my friend is not completely full of shit?

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01-12-03 23:18
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      i think that they both can be found..  Bookmark   

i think that they both can be found.. some cars require nitromethane and some require nitroethane.. i'm not sure of the exact types, though
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01-13-03 00:43
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nitromethane is added to alcohol dragsters, while nitroethane is added to gasoline as a performance enhancer.  You would have an easier time finding nitroethane around eighth mile drag strips.

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01-14-03 11:23
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      is it really bulk methylamine your after?  Bookmark   

Some smurf had a dream of a 55 gallon drum with a serious condensor with an exhaust tube into muratic acid to keep the smell to a minimum.  Filled with  80 liters of methanol, 40 kilos of thick aluminum pipe or rod, 10 grams mercury chloride disolved into some of the methanol 1st, probably a few liters of water though leaving it out should let it run slower and less hot which may be important much more important on a huge scale. 40 liters of nitromethane added over time, though if the aluminum is thick enough you may be able to add it all at once. Heat gently to reflux and keep at reflux for 8 to 24 hours.  Not sure on anything this big if you can get away with adding all at once, though the thicker the aluminum the more likely you can. Distill off the methylamine methanol solution.  Hopefully you get 75 to 80 liters of 40 to 50 percent solution. Then basify slowly the 55 gallon drum with lye solution or you will get a huge boil over. When basifying vent it into muyratic acid. The muratic acid will end up with methylamine hcl and probably also ammonium chloride from the ammonia gas released when basifying. Evaporate off the muratic then add excess hot methanol, stir well, chill then freeze, filter, to seperate out the ammonium chloride and methylamine hcl solution. Rinse the methylamine hcl with acetone to clean it up.

This was a big dream but there are a number of posts on smaller scale methylamine production from nitromethane.

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01-14-03 20:44
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MaDMax wrote:

NitroEthane really can be found OTC if you look hard enough!

What at least for the US says less than 2 minutes Google.

Ok now I know whats regarded as "hard" looking for something.

It is still much to easy, thats obvious.

now or never