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01-13-03 16:06
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From an Interview with "Bear" Owsley:

"Ergot contains many natural, highly psychedelic alkaloids. Iso-ergine is one of them, hydroxy-methyl-lysergamide is another one, and in fact, is considered nearly identical to LSD in effect. Albert Hoffman told me so himself. They believe that it was this derivative contained in extracts of c.paspalum that was used in the Eleusian Mysteries." page 3

Has anybee ever experimented or made experiences with this specific sompound? From your viewpoint, would LSA extracted from a source like HWBR be easier transformed into this substance or would it be basically the same as going all the way to real LSD? When saying that it would be nearly identical in effect does could this also imply that it might be actime in the microgram range or would chemical logic require a higher dosage to reach effect which can be considered nearly identical? Any takers? Any thoughts are welcome.

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