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01-14-03 16:04
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So lets say swim is a standard run of the mill HVAC guy;able to purchase freon and the run of the mill r-etc,etc.. Now, my trusted fountain of evergiving information, what are his chances of purchasing one (or two does the amount indicate anything?)150lb. cylinders of refrigeration grade nh3? All discussion I have seen has been on the agricultural or extremely rare welding uses. Thanks for any help (even utfse) although I have!wink

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01-15-03 13:19
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You as a hvac tech. should know that NH3 is R-717; Or did that slip your mind. Use T.F.S.E
01-15-03 15:45
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Swims well aware that it is r717 thank you and its not me, its swim.So having said that the question was how hard is it
for someone who normally deals with the common refrigerants to acquire r717?Is there a common amount used for an absorbtion style refrigeration sys? what would be a good approach for swim?(the refrig. tech)?If you are so knowledgeable shed some light.

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01-15-03 16:44
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You walk in to the Industrial Ref supplier and buy it. If you are someone who normally deals with the common refrigerants then they should not question you if they are used to seeing you. But I think you might want to read up on it a bit
01-15-03 18:18
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Thanks much, turntables for the link.Thats about what we figured, but theres no harm in getting another point of view right? right. see ya

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