spectralmagic (A Different Title)
01-16-03 22:49
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      GABA in Canada  Bookmark   

FYI, apparently GABA is not legal to sell for human consumption in Canada, according to the friendly neighbourhood health food store.  After convincing them that I wasn't from the health board, they sold me some that they had hidden away (very pricy).  This doesn't look like a viable source for those Canadian bees who are contemplating the GABA -> GHB dream.

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(Hive Bee)
01-17-03 00:44
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You have to dream harder
Just order it from the states that should work right?
Those guys at the border couldnt care less, DHEA and melatonin go through everyday. With so much stuff coming in and out of the country(80% goes to the state) They cant really control that. In Canada, supplements are a lot more reglemented then in the US and stuff like androstenedione is not legal, yet you can find it in every gym store. Same goes for DHEA and melatonin. I dont see what why GABA cant be the same. Have a friend order it. RCMP wont come knocking on his door if he orders GABA. Worst case scenario is that they will seize the GABA. I think its worth trying. 
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01-17-03 02:52
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That was sort of my point, between the lines.  The health food stores are not a viable source.  International orders are another situation...  and as long as you're not ordering it for human consumption, I'm sure it could be found domestically in bulk, although I'm just as sure they'd be curious as to why... (which doesn't necessarily mean they suspect anything illegal is going on)

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(Hive Addict)
01-17-03 07:00
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      Over here(europe) health stores know nothing...  Bookmark   

Over here(europe) health stores know nothing about GABA,but we can still order "ink remover" in europe.

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(Hive Bee)
01-17-03 07:26
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      What's that post I saw one time  Bookmark   

Somewhere somebody mentioned here on the hive you can find GBL in spray cans of graffitti remover.
Is this true?
(Hive Addict)
01-17-03 08:37
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Maybe you should go take a look down at the local hardware store, I think I'll go out for a peek tomorrow to check this out. I'm assuming it's going to be mixed with a bunch of gunk making purification a bitch, but who knows, maybe I'm just a pessimist.
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01-17-03 15:44
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      Sometimes they use some kind of very expensive  Bookmark   

Sometimes they use some kind of very expensive "special" graffiti remover,i think it might be GBL.I think DEA has made so that they do not contain any GBL,but like Rhodium said,world is bit larger than these 51(or was that 50) states and in Europe one just might find some if he looks hard enuff.

For those about to synth,we salute you
(Distinctive Doe)
01-17-03 21:17
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      I found an otc product that say, ...  Bookmark   

I found an otc product that say, "contains butyrolacetone"

What does GBL taste like?
What is its viscosity?

The container is only 7mL
Maybe I'll see if it converts to GHB, any other easy tests for a bee who has never had "verifiable" GBL.
(Synaptic Self-Mutilator)
01-17-03 22:26
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      GBL  Bookmark   

GBL is similar in properties to sassafras oil. It's not really volatile, it damages certain plastics, it's not very viscous (similar to water but it has less surface tension) and GBL doesn't smell as much.
(Hive Addict)
01-17-03 22:30
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> "butyrolacetone"

heh, is that a typo of yours or the company or a strange chemical? laugh

gbl smells sweetish but like a solvent.
it's not especially viscous.

dissolve some NaOH in EtOH, add a few drops of your suspected gbl.
if there's spontanous precipitation of a white substance,
you have a good chance that it's gbl.
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01-17-03 23:45
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      hmmmm...  Bookmark   

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01-18-03 01:01
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      Try googling  Bookmark   

Assatone and see what happens.

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01-18-03 01:21
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that made me smile

(but honestly: not all hits seemed to be typos for butyrolactone)