CardinalLaw (Stranger)
01-18-03 17:34
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First time I've ever tried this.  Got 350mL of ethyl ether + heptane, constituents of engine starting fluid, per 3/4 oz.  Should I add more solvent to get a better yield or am I in the clear?  Anyone got any suggestions regarding the volume of solvent?

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01-28-03 02:08
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 ithink you are better off using butane instead of ether extracted this way too expensivecant remember how much starter fluid is ,compared too butane i think the butane is cheaper and better quality of oil {gold honey} the price in aus is $2.50 per 8oz can universal butane {no mercapten}honestly you'd bee better off using butane blasted through 'the tube'less fucking around
there are  a few post in forums for more info on the tube