Rhadon (Stranger)
01-19-03 01:49
No 399524
      ebook: Rylander - Hydrogenation Methods  Bookmark   


Here is the anticipated Rylander book.

facts and figures:
title: Hydrogenation Methods
author: Paul N. Rylander
series: Best Synthetic Methods
publisher: Academic Press
copyright: 1985
number of pages: 202
filesize: 8 MB

Download - option 1
Follow this link and download all 16 files.
Download (http://rylander.esmartweb.com)
After you have downloaded them, the files will probably have a second extension .html. Remove this second extensions and decompress the files with WinACE (if you don't have it yet, you can download it here (http://www.winace.com)).

Download - option 2
Important note: For some reason, Streamload refuses to accept my upload. Until this problem is resolved, I will not be able to send you the file. As soon as this download option is available, I will inform you in this topic.
Sign up for a free Streamload (http://www.streamload.com) account.
Send me a PM or email with your streamload username which my not contain parts of your hive username and I'll streambeam the book to you (one file). Don't post your streamload username here! Afterwards, you will be able to download it.

laugh laugh laugh make something nice out of this book laugh laugh laugh

(Hive Bee)
01-19-03 01:55
No 399528
      ow yes!!!  Bookmark   


so they havent banned content of this kind being stored ,

awesome ill have to get my shit together.

i cook to save the planet!!
(Hive Bee)
01-19-03 15:15
No 399685
      ?  Bookmark   

There seem to be no files on http://rylander.esmartweb.com/ ... ?

Ave Hive, synthetisandi te salutant!
01-19-03 15:25
No 399686
      The files got kicked  Bookmark   

Yes, the files already got kicked. I'm currently re-uploading them, so stay prepared and try it again in a few hours smile.
(Hive Addict)
01-19-03 16:21
No 399698
      missing  Bookmark   

the most friendly and helpful  moderator of all had mercy with me smile

thanks, lugh!

now or never
(Hive Bee)
01-19-03 17:25
No 399711
      :(  Bookmark   

403 Error - Forbidden frownfrownfrown

Ave Hive, synthetisandi te salutant!
01-19-03 17:28
No 399712
      The account got kicked  Bookmark   

I was still uploading the files (it's pretty slow). But in this moment, the account got kicked. I didn't expect this, because the account to which I uploaded my last book is still active. Strange...

Streamload does still refuse the upload. As soon as there's a way to get the book, I'll tell you about it.
(Hive Bee)
01-19-03 18:34
No 399722
      *  Bookmark   

Appreciated alot, really!

Ave Hive, synthetisandi te salutant!
01-20-03 01:07
No 399782
      book available on FTP  Bookmark   

The book is now available on the following ftp:

The book is located in the folder incoming/chembooks/. Don't download it from the incoming directory, the file is corrupt!

Thanks goes to Lithium for the FTP!
01-20-03 07:21
No 399838
      book available by streamload  Bookmark   

The book is now also available by streamload. Just tell me your streamload username as stated in my first post in this topic and I'll send you the file.
(Stranger / Eraser)
01-24-03 00:56
No 400954
      Hello all! Does anybody know, why is directory  Bookmark   

Hello all!
Does anybody know, why is directory "incoming" at ftp.argon.acad.bg nonaccesible for anonymous user?
Is it the end of sharing the books on this site?

01-28-03 20:58
No 402151
      argon.acad.bg  Bookmark   

the directory is available again and will probably stay in this way for quite a while. I'm not sure about the upload rights however. After all, it seems that this server is not as reliable as it initially appeared to be. Sorry about that :\
01-29-03 17:09
No 402356
      FTP still doesn't work  Bookmark   

I just tried to access the FTP, and it still (or again?) doesn't work frown.
02-02-03 07:17
No 403518
      try passive mode ftp  Bookmark   

Try passive mode ftp.

That makes seems to make a difference from here.

The server isn't super responsive. That's not a criticism btw, just an observation. Cheers to whoever has implemented this. Lithium(?),

- a_m_b