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01-19-03 03:22
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SWID made a very stupid mistake earlier this day.  After UTFSE, he read about about a citrus paint stripper which contained GBL.  Nope, he didn't bother to notice the thread was dated from 2000.  Anyways, whilst out and under the orange roof, he noticed a bottle setting on the shelf.  Reading the ingediants, he noted it contained 1-methyl-2-pyrolidione and citrus terpene, but no GBL.  Figuring they didnt list it as an important ingrediant, he purchased it.  It is kinduv an orange goop. frown

Link to old thread:  Post 97925 (catharsis: "Re: GBL and Methylene Chloride, OTC...", Chemicals & Equipment)
The question is (although I think I already know the answer), does this stuff contain GBL still?  Anyone know?

SWID would very much appreciate if someone had an answer or methodology of discovery of the strippers contents.  Thanks. smile

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01-19-03 10:57
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Doubt it has what you're after. Call the manufacturer and ask them whats in it, they'll tell you.

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01-26-03 00:09
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      msds  Bookmark   

Or, ask for the MSDS in the store...your dog may have swallowed some.
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01-26-03 03:12
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      you went to the wrong hardware store  Bookmark   

The product you're looking for is sold at the blue roofed store and is clear.  It lists GBL as the main constituent.

Think international sporting event for the producer.wink

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