LiquidGaia (Stranger)
01-19-03 06:07
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      Phosphorus Pentoxide  Bookmark   

SWIM is planning to use this to make tmp.
SWIM is wondering if Phosphorus Pentoxide can be found OTC (in large quantities). SWIM knows it is used as a drying agent. SWIM would also like to know if several kg's were ordered whether the order would be suspicious.
Also, how much would it sell for per kg?

everything posted above is completely 100% fictional.
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01-19-03 06:11
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      What is tmp?  Bookmark   

I was wondering is that trimethyl phosphite? I'm interested in a wittig-horner reaction that's why I'm curious.
01-19-03 06:25
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      its trimethyl phos phate that I'm chasing.  Bookmark   

its trimethyl phosphate that I'm chasing.

everything posted above is completely 100% fictional.
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01-19-03 06:34
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      AFAIK  Bookmark   

It's not I bought some a few years ago to dehydrate acids no questions were asked, I don't know about now.
01-23-03 02:22
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      re;Phosphorus Pentoxide  Bookmark   

I think lately all phosphorus compounds are getting looked at harder as they can be used in the production of chem weapons. BUT... Phosphorus pentoxide is a great dehydration agent,and forms phosphoric acid with water. I think this process is able to be regenerated so, correct me i i'm wrong but could you freeze or vac distill phosphoric acid from otc cleaning agents(rust??)then heat this to decomposition (230 C).
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01-23-03 04:16
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      yes it might work  Bookmark   

something easier is burning phosphorous polysulfide from the heads of matches, that will produce P4O10, and SO2 (gas)
01-23-03 04:20
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      true  Bookmark   

but to even get a good batch of honey it takes boxes of matches and tones of time. Sorry i dont have an easier way. Ill talk to a friend about it and I think there is one. But thats not my pot
01-23-03 04:56
No 400636
      whats in a match?  Bookmark   

is phosphorous polysulfide pretty much the only ingredient in safety matches. Its a bitch to search for the msds' if you try you'll know what i mean... any other sources??
01-23-03 04:58
No 400638
      not that i know of  Bookmark   

Im not quit sure.About other sources that is. Its just like the batteries, you have to spend alot of time on doing things you enjoy. BUt yeah its true the matches are the best source
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01-23-03 05:21
No 400645
      Match head composition  Bookmark   

Potasium Chlorate, and Phosphorous polysulfide, the chlorate is the oxidizer, and the sulfide is the oxidant.
When it burns you get SO2 (gas), KCl, and P4O10.
01-23-03 23:19
No 400933
      Re; matches  Bookmark   

What would be the best way to split these compounds up.
Is Phosphorus polysulfide water soluable. if not, just soak matches in water to remove potassium chlorate...??? or to get the phosphorus pentoxide after the combustion of the matches and somehow extract the KCl..
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01-24-03 05:27
No 401035
      Phosphorous polysulfide  Bookmark   

Is not water soluble and KClO4, is water soluble, so you could bust it up.