SPISSHAK (Hive Addict)
01-19-03 09:20
No 399619
      Vitamins and supplements future contraband?  Bookmark   


Is there any validity to this? these corporate fudgepackers sure don't leave any stones unturned if that's the case.
01-19-03 12:08
No 399654
      Profits  Bookmark   

This has been an ongoing worldwide effort by certain corporations for many years, not all the active parties are mentioned in that article frown
01-19-03 16:47
No 399704
      good! make it all illegal.  Bookmark   

good!  make it all illegal.  the more it's restricted, the more underground chemists will be able to make on these items.
the kennedys made there money during prohibition...

i used TFSE...just answer TFQ!
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01-20-03 00:02
No 399773
      Let's see. Out of that list I have Calamus,...  Bookmark   

Let's see.  Out of that list I have Calamus, Camphor Oil , Chaparral , Comfrey, Ginkgo Biloba, something with Gotu Kola in it, Yohimbe, Pau D'Arco (taheebo), Arginine , Ornithine, Lysine, Carnitine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine,  Tryptophan, Kava Kava, Melatonin, DHEA, Chromium Picolinate and Boron, Zinc and Manganese  supplements.  I had some Stevia one time.  Thuja is in the list and the closest I have is wormwood.

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01-20-03 08:42
No 399852
      Awful lot of sassafras oil in that thar list.  Bookmark   

Awful lot of sassafras oil in that thar list.

Obviously a MDMA ring hard at work on the smuggle tip.
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01-21-03 00:15
No 400010
      Sometimes I get so mad...  Bookmark   

But what can we do?  Those who'd like to see the supplement market disappear are also those with the money, and money drives everything...

I noticed nowhere does it say growing and consuming these things yourself is illegal...  I grow my on stevia (I live in Canada, so that could be a no-no, right?), as it's superiour to any artificial sweetener I've tried (they leave a strange aftertaste which can invoke the gag reflex or can act as a laxative - stevia doesn't).

There are several others on that list that I currently use and would not give up without a fight...  if it goes underground people will get hurt, simple as that.  Look at the currently illegal drugs, back-alley abortions, etc.  Legislation never stops anything that people want to do, just generates more profit for those who already have too much, it seems...

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