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01-20-03 20:34
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Does anyone know the amount of safrole that could be obtained from sassafras root? I DID UTFSE and didn't find any good posts that could answer this question. I live in the midwest, and every spring good 'ol grandpa goes out back and digs up some root which grandma then turns into tea.  The tea is made by merely steeping clean roots in boiling water... makes a fantastic cup of tea. Anyway, with safrole becoming harder to obtain (or so it seems) and with sassafras plants being common to my area (and maybe yours, too... I've found sassafrass from here in the midwest all the way down to east texas!!!)  does anyone know a plausible extraction technique from crude sassafras root? All replies appreciated, and SORRY if this is somewhere in the posts and I am wasting your time!!!!
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01-20-03 20:39
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Tell your grandparents that their homemade sassafras tea is not FDA approved tongue

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01-20-03 22:25
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../rhodium/chemistry /3base/safrole.plants/index.html
01-20-03 23:18
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The short answer is yes. Sassafras oil can be obtained from sassy roots. there are some posts in the search engine about this topic.

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01-21-03 06:50
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two words...steam distillation.

i used TFSE...just answer TFQ!