FriendlyFinger (Hive Bee)
01-21-03 02:40
No 400038
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Hi there,

Is it a good idea to rinse methylamine.Hcl with acetone after recrystalisation with Butal alcohol? Will any leftover alcohol interfere with Al/Hg or Borohydride reductions?

Mayby I need to vacuum dessicate longer. I can't stand that Butal stench. Always knocks me out when opening the dessicator.

(Chief Bee)
01-21-03 05:21
No 400074
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Instead of acetone, wash with ether, CH2Cl2 or CHCl3. MeNH2.HCl is both inert to and insoluble in them all.

Acetone may form an imine with MeNH2.HCl so I don't reccommend that. Aside from smelling bad, butanol won't interfer the reductive amination.