toltec (Hive Bee)
01-21-03 22:48
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I understand that fester has a book out that has an eda
synthesis. Is this true? If so where can i buy this book
I have always beleived that eda is possible in a birch.I have had some limited success And i would like to continue
the work on this.The main problem i have had is the sudoe
does not blend with the eda like annie.I have used h2o washout with some sucsess,but with low % of product
on the other hand i have been very successful with red +id
did several 5 gram cooks 6hours long very kick ass,but wife
gets real pissed (she is real religeous)It is hard to hide a 6 hour cook.
i was useing my bathroom fan to vent the gas and now my walls are a pink color. Is this a health hazzard can i just
paint over the pink?
some one pm me thank you?
(Chief Bee)
01-22-03 08:08
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Suggested TFSE keywords: "eda OR ethylenediamine"  Forums to be searched: [ ] All Forums [x] Stimulants
(Hive Addict)
01-22-03 09:55
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Suggest using the search engine
"bathroom venting"smile
"this sucks"smile

hell, ask Warlock, he knows fer shure..":<) smile

09-17-03 22:08
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the book you need is secrets of methamphetamine manufacture the sixth edition by uncle fester. the book is available at
                  oh yeah if you want your psuedo to dissolve in the eda you need to heat it to 70 degrees in an inert atmosphere.
(Chef d'Equippe)
09-18-03 04:25
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      Try washing the walls with a sodium-thio ...  Bookmark   

Try washing the walls with a sodium-thio solution(photo-fixer).

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