cookin_4_1 (Stranger)
01-23-03 21:12
No 400899
      Thynol Chloride  Bookmark   

Does anybody have a synth for thynol chloride????
(Chief Bee)
01-23-03 22:13
No 400916
      Try to spell it "thionyl chloride"...  Bookmark   

Try to spell it "thionyl chloride" when you use the search engine.
(Hive Addict)
01-23-03 22:16
No 400917
      No!  Bookmark   

Unless you mean thionyl chloride, then you can use the link - Rhodium - below, or UTFSE.

Catalytic hydrogenation freak and the sluttiest slut of all sluts
(I'm Yust a Typo)
01-23-03 23:46
No 400945
      everybody who's unable to spell thionyl ...  Bookmark   

everybody who's unable to spell thionyl chloride should be prohibited from buying it, let alone synthesizing it.
(Chief Bee)
01-24-03 01:42
No 400968
      Case closed  Bookmark   

(hest would be an exception wink)

Case closed.