LiquidGaia (Stranger)
01-23-03 16:41
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      2,5-dimethoxybenzaldehyde to America from East.  Bookmark   

There are several asian chem export sites selling 2,5-DMBA. Swim's have read several posts, one where rhodium recommended ordering a sample of < 1kg.  Swim'swondering if it would be possible to order +20kg (Swim thinks that is standard packaging) to the US without being tracked down like a dog and having your body thown into the concrete block with metal bars.

Swim knows its used as a yellow dye. Swim's wondering how much of this is imported to the US on a year avg.

the hydroquinone synth seems interesting, but I wish to keep away from methylating agents. (MeI, DMS, etc...)

if it is not possible to order that much w/o raising suspicion in an old post Rhodium suggested ordering a sample of a kilo or less. Could one still do that?

Also, what are mexican laws and canadian laws which regulate this?

everything posted above is completely 100% fictional.
01-23-03 17:33
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First you might just want to learn how to spell America!!~!
01-23-03 19:48
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lol, i was making a subtle political statement.

everything posted above is completely 100% fictional.
(Hive Bee)
01-24-03 14:22
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Like you say, there are quite a few Far East companies out there who stock ring substituted benzaldehydes.

As long as you provide a legitimate explanation for needing it, I can't really see any problem - even with the US.

Domestic resale to the research community would be an innocous reason. Why not set up a company and have a few brochures printed with other specialized chems for sale? Say you've identified a 'niche' market.

Just don't go converting it to anything else straight away. Let it sit around for a while and be suspicious of those pizza delivery vans parked down the

Incidentally, 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzaldehyde is widely used to manufacture pharmaceuticals. Have to check on legitimate uses for 2,5-dimethoxy.

To get an idea of annual use, try asking a few of the Asian Co's they annual capacity. This will at least give you an idea of the world market for this chemical.

(Hive Bee)
01-24-03 14:32
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I don't know American law on this specifically. So, to be safe - phone up Customs and inquire if you need any special import licence for that and proceed to real of a list of other random stuff so it doesn't sound too pointed.

Can't imagine its regulated, but laws can change rapidly and often with hardly any notice (how fortunate for the swine).